Monday, June 07, 2021

Grandchildren, grandchildren, grandchildren

They were here and we did all sorts of things that didn't, if possible, involve transport because poor Littlest Granddaughter throws up in all moving vehicles. This day - above - we managed to get to the Botanics without incident, but on the way back - very messy incident. Ah well. 

On Friday afternoons, we always have the Edinburgh Two. Daughter 2 took the day off work and organised fun and games in the garden. She's a sweetheart. 

The Edinburgh Two are so nice with their little cousin, who thinks they're wonderful. 

At the weekend, joy of joys, Son and family came down and we had all five grandchildren together, as well as all three children and two of their spouses. It wasn't restful but it was so lovely. Here are the three littlest playing in the sandpit...

and here they are having a tea party. 

We went to the Botanics another day and actually managed to do it without any vomiting. It's mecanopsis time. 

Aren't they beautiful?

And another day we walked to the Landform and had coffee and cake. Very nice and almost normal.

But on Saturday, actor son-in-law had a real live theatre performance with his company and then afterwards one of them tested positive for Covid. Which is a real pain, because today, Daughter 2 and Littlest left to go down to Center Parcs to meet up with his parents - and SIL 2 couldn't join them because he has to quarantine for 10 days. He was supposed to be bringing stuff with him, so Daughter 2 had to go into town yesterday to buy things such as swimsuits to take to CP. And when we went for the train at 11 this morning, some poor soul had jumped on the line somewhere in England, so we had to queue for over two hours with thousands of other people under a glass roof in the sunshine till the line was cleared (there's a euphemism for you) and trains could arrive. Littlest Granddaughter was remarkably good but Daughter 2 must have been exhausted by the time she got to Sherwood Forest. Her parents-in-law are both disabled so they won't be able to help much - at all, really - with Littlest during their four days away. 

I realise that people who throw themselves under trains aren't thinking rationally, but this does happen quite often and it causes such inconvenience and, I'm sure, horrible stress for the drivers of the relevant trains and those who have to deal with the physical aftermath. It's a terrible way to kill yourself - maybe quick and effective for the suicide but far from easy for anyone else. 

I'm missing them horribly but looking forward to a bit of a rest... .



  1. You've been very busy, satisfyingly so. I love the blue poppies and the photos of the family having fun together. Many wonderful times to remember. I'm with you on the rest part.

  2. Wonderful for you to see all your grandchildren together, I'm sure you all had a great time and you took lots of photos.
    Sadly people throwing themselves under a train happens all too often here too.

  3. Lovely!...except for SIL isolating. Hope he's okay.

  4. I'm sure you have tried everything for motion sickness, but I wonder if that included the bizarre paper-shirt, a sheet of newspaper or whatever tucked under shirt, jumper or such, reaching from chin and tucked into pants. It worked for my children. Oh, and I do apologise for unsolicited advice: always irritating to be given it, and irresistible to deliver it.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. We might well try it some time but at the moment I suspect she wouldn't cooperate. But you never know.

  5. Ahhh, it looks like you've had such a wonderful few days -- and FINALLY, all the grandchildren together. I laughed at the cut-off pictures and at your last comment. I could so relate -- I always need a little rest after the girls have gone home -- or I come home from their place. It makes me wonder where my energy has gone {sigh}. And those blue flowers are gorgeous!!!

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