Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Change and perhaps a bit of decay

Blogging used to be such a community - it felt like a conversation. In fact, it was. But - as I've said before - so many of my bloggy friends have dropped away - though some are now Facebook friends - that it feels a bit daft to keep putting out into the ether pictures of mundane old-lady activities. People are reading (according to the stats, which I occasionally look at) but on the whole I don't know who they are. So I think I'm inclined to stop. I started in 2006 and things change. 

However, I'll record yesterday, when I saw a consultant about my arthritic hip - he was very nice, if disconcertingly young. I'm now on a long, long list to get a replacement hip. It's not that bad, though, and after seeing him, we went on a 7.72 mile walk (according to Mr L's device) to do a recce for the walk we're leading in a few weeks. It was, frankly, something of a struggle towards the end! It wasn't easy walking because it started along a beach, which was at first sandy (not easy to walk fast on) and then stony. I really love the wonderful variety of colours of stones - but they make for uncomfortable walking. Is it just Scotland that has such a colourful selection of stones on beaches and riversides? I don't know - probably not.  

Then the route led along the cliff top. The flowers, particularly the campion, were beautiful but the path was somewhat imaginary - consisting mainly of slightly squashed long, wet grass - again, a bit of a struggle to wade through. 

One didn't want to fall off the cliff. 

After a few miles the area became wooded but was still slightly precipitous, as evidenced by this somewhat discouraging sign. 

It was still pretty, though. 

Then there was open country, with lupins growing wild. Considering how I have to nurture lupins in my garden, defending them valiantly from slugs, snails and aphids, I'm always amazed at how they seed themselves in rough grass in the countryside. 

We passed a field which from a distance I thought was planted with tulips, but as we got nearer I realised that it was red clover - grown, I assume, for green manure. Isn't it beautiful? 

And there were one or two tiny villages. 

And then we looped back along the cliff "path" and beach for the final three miles or so - which seemed quite long. 

We were pretty tired. We might be getting old. And then we have to do it again in a couple of weeks! 



  1. That is beautiful countryside! So green. I would miss you if you stopped blogging, but I know what you mean about the interaction, it feels like talking to yourself. Which I am happy to do, but if you want to have a conversation rather than a diary, you'll have to get a tiktok :)

  2. Ooh, sorry about your hip! It's amazing that you could walk through all that and so far. It's gorgeous! I can't believe that's red clover. I love reading your stories and seeing your photos on the blog and would miss you a lot. I know I'm your Facebook friend, but FB isn't set up for stories and descriptions--which I like. You could always leave the blog active and post on it when you feel like it. Which I hope will be sometimes. xoxo

  3. I think you should keep going too! Don't stop! Love you. xxx

  4. A good walk!
    It is sad that bloggers are drifting towards facebook.
    So difficult to scroll back and remind yourself of older posts..it's just the Now, with FB...
    I much prefer blogging and specific fora

  5. I'm one who reads and seldom comments--laziness, perhaps? I've blogged less often in the past several years feeling that there is a sameness to our days with retirement. Still, I'm finding that my years of blogging serve as a good online journal, something often reference, whether anyone else notices and comments or not. I think you should keep blogging as a record of your family's doings.

  6. That looks somewhat reminiscent of the walk from which I have just returned, although the risk for us was falling into the Tweed rather than into the sea! (We had deliberately ignored the "Footpath closed!" signs so we can't really complain). Glad you are still getting out and about so much, will be sad if you stop blogging (although I did so and cannot therefore complain with any sort of basis) and hope you get a quick and beneficial hip op. One of our friends has just had one and is now, one week post-op, zooming around the neighbourhood on his sticks claiming he hasn't felt this good in years. So that's encouraging!

  7. I always read, too. I don't usually comment in that I've probably said anything on WhatsApp already!

  8. I have nothing wrong with any of my limbs, (except for the one that was broken in several pieces) and yet I cannot imagine walking over 7 miles! Still, if I had such a beautiful place to walk with so much variety I might try it. Here we have just wide open spaces or boring suburban nieghborhoods... I am trying to post every couple of weeks, to keep a diary more than anything else. When I do sit down to write a blog, I always finish up by visiting you! It seems you create 4-5 posts for my 1, so you are much more industrious. Now I need to get busy and make 2 pies for my D-L's party tomorrow. She is hosting a wedding shower and the theme is cherries.... so I was asked to make cherry pies. (Which I am happy to do.)

  9. Oh, you mustn't stop blogging! I always read of your adventures, even if I'm a month or two late. I'm amazed that you could walk so far if your hip is bothering you - I hope your wait won't be too long for a replacement. My feet still ache once in awhile from my long hike ;-D Next time I'm going to time my trip so I can go on a long walk with You and Mr. Life!