Saturday, May 21, 2022

Then and now

You'd think retirement would hold lots of quiet, uneventful days, wouldn't you? And yet it's packed with activity - for which I'm on the whole very grateful. Lots of gardening, family things, coffees and lunches with friends, emails to write. Not to say books to read and quilts to make. But I'm not getting on with the archiving/decluttering.... We went up on Tuesday to visit Son, meeting him and Little Grandson in the Dundee Botanic Gardens, which are very pleasant, though not as extensive as Edinburgh's. 

In the afternoon, Son cut his grass. You can't see, but Little Grandson is riding the mower in front of him, complete with little ear defenders. 

Down south, Daughter 2 was spelling out words in the bath for Littlest Granddaughter (at the little one's request), with foam letters - bus, cat and so on. This was a surprising one, though. 

Today we went with our walking group in the East Lothian countryside, based round various places where the 1745 Battle of Prestonpans happened (Bonnie Prince Charlie and all that). We gazed at fields green with growing crops and imagined shouts and yells and chaps with tartan plaids and dirks and claymores. Poor things, how horrible for them. 

The hawthorn is beautiful at the moment. 

As are the campion and cow parsley.

You would never know that men had fought and died in these lanes and fields. Peace - so much better. 


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  1. It's a sad irony to think about the beauty and peace where battles were fought and men died. I agree that peace is so much better. I too am keeping busy and will be even more so when Grandson and his parents live closer.