Thursday, May 12, 2022


We're back from a few days down south, visiting Daughter 2 and family in their new house (6 days after they moved in. They were impressively organised). It had been empty for nearly a year and the grass at the back was extremely long! The house was worth all the wait and stress, though - it's very nice and very suitable for their needs. 

There was the odd snag - Mr L is a tall chap, but not that tall. They're going to change the light fittings anyway. 

They got a gardener to come and cut the grass - it took him nearly three hours and generated a lot of clippings, which he took away. The garden is not fancy at the moment but has great potential. 

We went to a park which had a railway. This was very popular, especially with the oldest and youngest of the party. 

It's a beautiful park - up quite a big hill, but not really far from the new house. 

There's another playpark, just round the corner from the house, which I imagine they'll visit a lot. 

This is the view from their top windows. 

And then we came home again and as usual, having been with them, I miss them even more than when I haven't seen them. However, I'm happy to have seen them settled in the house. Their previous home, a flat, was nice but small - this has so much more space. We met various of their neighbours and they all seem very pleasant too, which was a great comfort. 

My dear bloggy friend, Thimbleanna, was to have come to Edinburgh for a flying visit with her cousin yesterday on the way to the west of Scotland to walk the West Highland Way - quite an energetic enterprise. However, because of plane delays, they had to go straight to Glasgow instead. Alas. So we went to the Botanics to cheer ourselves up and found that 1000 tulip bulbs had been planted in the beds where there are usually annuals. 

They were beautiful - food for the eyes and the soul. 



  1. I think Mr. L is quite tall, or are we just short? :) I'm so glad that they're settled in the wonderful new home. I can't wait until my New Yorkers are back here and in their place. I will love seeing Grandson running around in the backyard. They don't have a water view but are very close to it, as well as near to many parks and a well-known golf course with a play area. It's a great location. The Botanics was great to visit and I love those tulips!

  2. It looks like a good move..and hopefully nearer to you

  3. I am from Edinburgh, now in Perthshire, and your post prompts me to return to the Botanics as I have not been since my children, now in their 30s used to play in the autumn fallen leaves before they reached school age. I will return soon, thanks.