Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Summer suns are glowing...

It's been warm here - a bit too warm sometimes, though it depends on what you're used to. In Scotland, 20 or 21 C (70ishF) qualifies as hot - all right for sitting in the shade but too hot for gardening or walking long distances. We walked along the prom on Sunday and it was just about bearable with the sea breeze. I would not like to live anywhere that gets much hotter than that. 

Son and his family are also at the seaside, though over in the west of Scotland. 

The Edinburgh Two (why has the font changed, Blogger?) have been down in England with their dad, visiting their other grandparents, but Daughter 1 didn't have the time off work. On Saturday and Sunday Mr L and I went down to their house to do a few odd jobs, including sorting out the children's crafting materials. Biggest Granddaughter (9) is an enthusiastic creator, gluer and sticker, but not such a keen tidier afterwards. We came across a book with some poems written by her, with this on the cover. Very existential! 

We bought this plastic chest to store everything tidily and Mr L made lots of labels with his label maker. (He likes a gadget.) 
Ta-da!  Hope it lasts! 

Today we took the Edinburgh Two to the Falkirk Wheel, which is a cunning device for raising boats from one level of the canal to another without using locks. They were surprisingly interested in the engineering involved. 

Meanwhile, it's very hot in London and due to get hotter at the weekend, when the Edinburgh family is going to visit Daughter 2 - 35C is forecast (95F), or even more. I'm quite worried about it. Yesterday I sent Littlest Granddaughter a little parcel containing (among other things) chocolate buttons and they arrived today like this (or, this is what they were like after being in the fridge for a while). Oops. The heat is one of the many reasons that I wish Daughter 2 and Littlest didn't live in London. British houses don't on the whole have air conditioning because they don't need it. but maybe London's beginning to need it for a few days every summer. 

We're having an exciting time politically here. We no longer have the tousle-headed one as Prime Minister (his downfall was a long time coming and I'm sure he'll fall on his feet and earn lots of money in other areas, despite everything) but a whole lot of unlikely people are jockeying for his job. Rather them than me! 



  1. I am a temperate weather lover also; I can handle low 80s and that's it. Our temperatures cool down a lot at night which makes it bearable. I am enjoying the heat pump and the option to keep the house cooler since we did have an 86-degree day yesterday. I wish we could rid ourselves of some of our crazy politicians here but unfortunately, too many voters are also crazy. (or ignorant?) It's very disheartening.

  2. What a great job of organizing! Our temps here are upper nineties to low hundreds F. Not fun. Trying not to be envious at your seventies! ;) Thank you for the comment on my blog. Sorry I couldn't reply. No email listed for you.