Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Going gentle

On Saturday, Daughter 1 and I took the older grandchildren on the train to the Science Centre in Glasgow. Biggest Granddaughter, a bookworm, took 5 books to read on the train. One doesn't want to run out of reading material on a 50-minute journey. 

It was a beautiful day, which made it a pity to be going inside. However, I suspect it also made the science centre less crowded than it often is. 

Glasgow isn't Edinburgh, that's for sure. 

But it does have its merits. 

We built an archway. 

And looked at the way that sand moves. And generally had fun. I hadn't been at the centre with them since the summer before Covid, when they were newly 8 and 6 and a half. It was quite different going with them now that they're 11 and 9 and a half. Grandson was explaining things to me. 

Meanwhile in London, Littlest Granddaughter went to a pirate party, 

and here in the Botanics, today, autumn is creeping beautifully into our lives. 

Autumn isn't my favourite season: too much of the dying of the light and all that this connotes. 

But look at this lovely poppy - lovelier in reality than in my photo -

and nicotiana, still flowering away

and cotoneaster berries. 

There are compensations. And I shall attempt to be still here once the world turns round again. 


  1. I still need to make it to Glasgow! The older grandchildren are looking so grown up. I'm just like oldest granddaughter. I must have enough books for any journey! I like fall but the rain and gray are coming and that's a little depressing.

  2. I heartily agree with your grand daughter - one must take all care to never run out of reading material! Of your many pictures my favourute is the one with yellow daisies in the foreground - beautiful!

  3. Ohmygosh, isn't L the cutest with all of her books! It looks like you had a good trip to Glasgow. And Glasgow definitely isn't Edinburgh. I've tried to see the charm (as I often read all the reasons to visit) but I just can't see it. Edinburgh is one of those places that you can visit over and over again, I think partly because there are just so many new and interesting things to see and visit. You're so lucky to live there!