Tuesday, August 29, 2023


And just like that, they're gone. August passed pleasantly but busily, with child-minding and visiting family and cooking and so on. 

I took Littlest Granddaughter to a bubble show at the Festival Fringe - which was very good - and we bought some of the chap's excellent bubbles. 

On the way home, she found one of her dad's company's posters, and kissed the little picture of her dad. I'm sure this was totally hygienic.

One day we went to the Botanics. 

On Sunday the Edinburgh family came and played with the bubbles. 

And now Daughter 2 and family have gone back to London and we have our time to ourselves and can't think what to do because we're too sad. However, the garden has been neglected so I'll get back to that. 

Ah well. We'll recover a bit in due course. Countyourblessingscountyourblessingscountyourblessings. 



  1. That sounds like the very best kind of busy! I'm frustrated not being able to spend time with my Littles due to Covid. Those bubbles are cool and yes, there are always projects to do in the yard and the house. I've been cleaning out and organizing cabinets today. Wow, what a mess!

  2. Busy, busy until it's not and it's quite a shock to the system.