Saturday, August 19, 2023


The house has continued to be quite full - Littlest Granddaughter and Daughter 2 are still here, as are Nephew and his young lady, though the latter two go back down south tomorrow. Brother and SIL departed today. So it's all been very nice, though the house could not be said to have been its tidiest. 

Momentously, Big Grandson has started high school! - he who was a small baby about (it seems) two years ago. So far, three days in, he likes it very much, so this is good. He's a clever chap and I'm sure he'll do well; I just hope that Big Boys aren't nasty to him!

Littlest Granddaughter has been looked after two days a week by her dad, one day by her mum and two days by me (while they worked), so it's been fine. 

One day we went to the museum, where she contemplated the Whirlpool Galaxy which, according to this display, is between 13 and 30 million light years away. I think she mainly enjoyed turning the dials rather than contemplating the hugeness of space. But I thought about it for a bit, before my brain melted and we went for the bus. 

Today, my brother and his wife went home, my nephew and his fiancĂ©e were out and Daughter 2 and her little one went up to visit Son and family overnight, so Mr L and I went walking with our rambling chums in East Lothian, from East Linton and round Binning Wood. It was such a great day. 

The weather was pleasantly, but not too, warm.

It was a bit windy, but the trees broke up the gusts. 

And in Binning Wood, which is a green burial site, we thought about our mortality for a while and then went to have coffee in the local garden centre while we still could. My hip was rather sore. But it's much better now, after a sit-down. 

Up north, Daughter 2, Son and their children fished for tadpoles. 

Our house is currently and not unpleasantly quiet. And marginally tidier than it was earlier. 



  1. What a wonderful mix of family, activity, walking and now some quiet! I think that's the perfect combo. I hope Big Grandson enjoys high school; I loved my time there and made many lifelong friends.

  2. Thank you, but it's not auburn. She was blonde but it's darkening down a bit now.