Wednesday, August 09, 2023

Nothing to report

There is nothing particular to report: much providing of meals, much clutter, many shoes in the hall, various outings - it's been fun, and things have happened and photos have been taken, but mostly unbloggable ones. The grandchildren are currently out doing an art afternoon at the gallery and the house is quiet. (And untidy. But that doesn't matter.)

How I envy friends whose children and thus grandchildren have stayed near them. I love having them, but it would be so much easier if they visited, say, on a Sunday, saw one another all the time and we didn't have to worry about allocating beds, whether they would get to sleep (and to stay asleep) in an unusual location, and the intense excitement of seeing their cousins after a long gap. Still, life's not like that; and if offspring marry someone from a different place then they obviously can't live near both sets of grandparents. We're lucky to have one lot quite near. 

One can't have everything. And we have a lot. 


  1. I was very envious of how (relatively) close your children and grandchildren live, having dealt with a couple years of a grandson 3,000 miles away. Now that all three grandsons are close, I don't know how I would have managed with them far away. My house would be neater and my schedule much more open--but I prefer a full life and home!

  2. How I agree with you. We're lucky enough to have one grandchild living nearby, but the rest are further away. It's always lovely to see them, but we don't see them nearly enough.

  3. You have a lovely time when they visit - and what's a bit of clutter - and they will be laying down happy memories. We're barely a mile away from our only child's two offspring, now 5 and 8. We do an awful lot of childcare, and love every minute of it, but it does involve a lot of driving to swimming lessons, and gymnastics, and football practices... And we'e getting close to the time when being the taxi service will be our most valued role.

    1. Hmm, yes, I know what you mean!