Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hello, Molly Bawn

Well, Molly, I really enjoyed the post about meeting your husband - very much an "Awww" story. But then I tried to say "Awww" to you and realised that you'd changed your blog. I clicked on your little envelope and was asked for my name (I know that), my email address (yup, I remember that one too) ... and then your email address. Um. That's harder.

Presumably there's some step I'm missing. Can you enlighten me?

Our kittens are going to be neutered on Friday. Oh dear! This means that they won't get their supper on Thursday evening OR their breakfast on Friday morning. And they're cats who enjoy getting their little fluffy noses into their Felix kitten food.

And in this foodless state, they're going to get stuffed into cat baskets and taken to the vet's. They're going to be thrilled.

I was stressing about this to our son today. "Never mind," he comforted me. "We're just going to be cruel to be... " he paused, clearly trying to make the best of it - and failing - "... cruel."


  1. O poor little kitties. But they will be all the nicer for it. I must go over to see what Molly has been doing.

  2. "We're just going to be cruel to be ... cruel."

    LOL. I wish everyone took such good responsibility for their pets. Then there'd be fewer hungry, ragged, unloved creatures wandering the streets. So in the end, it really is being cruel to be kind.

    Your garden shot is lovely. Is that a fuschia? It's very lush.

  3. Hi Isabelle,
    the top picture with the daffodils is England, Kent in fact. I promise to send you some Australian photos which are indeed like England, but it may be a little while before everything is green enough again. The major diofferences in landscape include colour. Our Australian sun ssems to leach colour when compared to the English colours. British colours are just so green, and true colours.
    Ours are muted, even the 'lawns' don't seem as green.
    Good luck with the kits, they will certainly be 'safer' cats. Are you aware that neutered cats will still spray if annoyed enough? I watched our neutered femals spray all over the neighbour's front door after chasing a particularly foul 'tom' home. I cringed and thougt that perhaps it wouldn't smell as badly, and it didn't, thank goodness. Although the assumption is that only toms spray, so I suppose the neigjbours blamed their own cat! Oh dear!!

  4. Poor kitties...but much better off for the experience! Ours had already been "done" when we got them from the breeder.

    Your son has a great sense of humour!

  5. I had the same problem with Molly's site. But I think on this occasion, she has disabled the comments option.

    Good luck with the kitties. They aren't going to like not being fed for two meals. They will be very vocal about their displeasure too I have no doubt.

  6. Hello to you Isabelle! And there I was, thinking "that one went over like a lead balloon!" Haven't,knowingly, changed anything or disabled comments....Hmmm. Am off over there to investigate. Thanks for the "heads up".

  7. Just be thankful the kittens don't know what's going to happen to them so they won't be agonising about it like you. Of course, they'll probably hate you afterwards - no they won't, I'm just kidding.

  8. It'll be over before they know what happened! And as Tanya said, it's the right thing to do, when you consider how many sweet kittens and puppies have to be put down....Your flowers here are especially lovely!

  9. ohh good luck poor wee things. Mine came back feeling very sorry for themselves and in the case of Frog, with an eye infection (try putting eye drops in a kitten's eye who doesn't like it very much!).

  10. Aww, poor sweet little kitties! You'll have to give them a special treat when they come home. Of course, we'll expect a full report and pictures of "our" (LOL) convalescing babies!

  11. That'll soften the little tigers coughs for them ....

    Nice flowers. Nice stones.

  12. Awww, poor kitties. They will be fine though, and better off for it. Perhaps it will settle them some?