Monday, August 20, 2007

Nothing much to report

I’ve been tagged by Kathy of "I Can Run Too" - and she certainly can.

I feel, however, that I have to apologise for the amazing dullness of my life, about to be revealed. I mean, it hasn’t seemed dull to me, but it’s a bit short of events such as moving to a different continent, marrying several times, winning the Nobel Prize or (thank goodness) suffering life-threatening injuries. However, in all its blandness, here it is.

Jobs I’ve Held: various student jobs such as ticket seller, social work administration assistant; and then English teacher, first at a secondary (high) school and then at two different further education colleges.

Movies I Can Watch Over & Over: Hmm. I can’t sit still for even one whole film, really, but I have seen “Four Weddings and a Funeral” more than once – bits of it, anyway. I also enjoyed “Sliding Doors”, “Groundhog Day” and “Back to the Future”. Nothing exciting or violent. I have a nervous disposition.

My Guilty Pleasures: Blogging. Eating chocolate. But not both at once – one mustn’t overdo things.

Places I have lived (in order): Goodness, how boring: Edinburgh. Not that Edinburgh itself is boring, but never moving away does show a certain lack of initiative. My homes since birth, all five of them, have been within an eight-mile radius. How embarrassing.

Shows I enjoy: “University Challenge”, “Coronation Street”, some documentaries. I don’t watch much television, not because I don’t like any but because I very seldom get round to looking to see what’s on. Also I can't sit still. And once term starts I don’t have time. English teachers have lots of marking to do in the evenings.

Places I Have Been on Holiday: France, Germany, Spain, the US, Canada, Ireland, Wales, Holland, Belgium, various places in Scotland and England. This sounds as if I’m terribly well-travelled, but in fact I’ve been to a lot of these only once, and you must remember that I’m 57 so the holidays have been very spaced out. Places we love and often go to are Crieff in Scotland and Heacham in Norfolk.( Hello to the person from Stevenage, Norfolk, who seems to drop into this blog quite often.)

Favourite Foods: Raspberries, dark chocolate, sweetcorn, peas.

Websites I Visit Daily: Lots of blogs, though not all daily. (See Guilty Pleasures.)

Body Parts I Have Injured: Nothing much. I’m a cautious person. Not even my heart. I married my first real boyfriend and he’s still around, and still being nice.

Awards I’ve Won: Just school prizes really. Certainly no sporting awards! A university degree – does that count? – oh, and a small university bursary.

Nicknames I’ve Been Called: Mainly variations of my name, but, as a child, Snookie and Toots. You’d think that, as a teacher, I’d have acquired some insulting nicknames but if so, I’m happily unaware of them. My husband sometimes calls me Prune. This dates from our youth, when I didn’t look at all prune-like. I’m probably growing into this one.

Can I tag Molly Bawn, Ragged Roses, Paul of Paulz Blog (though I don’t think he reads me much) and Patra? Sorry that I can’t do the underlining thing, but there they are in my Blogroll.


  1. You have frequent photos of your husband on your blogsite, but not a one of dear Isabelle. Time to smile for the camera!

    I can't believe all the overnight company you've had... musical beds. I am so used to our peaceful life that I'd be a nervous wreak with commotion around me. Boyd's daughter is coming Thursday afternoon and I'm in a panic about eliminating every cat hair, etc. She is a clean freak... I'm not! We are just very relaxed around here.

    Our Gabby-the-cat has to have surgery tomorrow for a tumor they suspect is cancerous. It's not been a good year for pets in our family.
    In 'Bleak Street', I loved the old man who had his granddaugher 'shake him up' all the time. Teh-hee.

  2. I don't find this boring, and as for where you have lived, join the club!

    I moved out of my home suburb when I was 18, but I am back there now, and have been for 6 years.

    I now live about 1km from my parents' house where I grew up.

  3. Oh, I think your life sounds wonderful and happy.

    And that you have always lived in Edinburghjust proves that it truly a wonderful place. Why go elsewhere?

    Is Wales lovely for a holiday? I have never been there.
    Or Norfolk, though I think my ancestors were from there.

    Now just make sure you don't really break out and eat chocolate AND raspberries and be blogging all at once, will you.

    No body parts injured? Goodness, I might do a post on just that, except it would go on forever.
    Well done!

  4. Hi! In answer to your comment on my blog, both! Ann is very small, but I'm nearly 5ft11 and so boys are taller! Diana

  5. I love reading your blog, your posts are always interesting! And I like your pics too.

  6. I second Meggie's comment.

    It isn't just what one has done but one's outlook on it that makes it interesting. To be able to appreciate the quiet spaces between excitement is an enviable trait.

  7. I think you lead and have led a very interesting life, Isabelle! I see that Diana answered your question..... I go home in 3 days. Sigh. Wellington today has been glorious, and I spent most of it at the Botanical Gardens. And I LOVE University Challenge too!

  8. Hi Isabelle, it was me. Thanks for responding. I enjoy these memes every once in a while.

    When I was teaching I kept expecting a nickname and was rather relieved not to earn one.

    At yoga tonight we were asked to imagine ourselves in a garden. We were then told it was a safe, sacred place, so I decided to imagine I was in your garden. Thanks for all the photos that helped me to visualise it so clearly.

  9. Boring is for other people! Being happy with where you are, and who you are is what matters. I have come onto the computer because I am having an extremely boring evening. Companiable silence is very comfortable but......
    Come to Australia, Isabelle, and enjoy the totally different scenery and life style. If ever you want to house swap, let me know! I like Crieff too, having been there some years ago, but then, I just adore all of Britain. My forebears are Scots and Yorkshiremen, so the north of Britain appeals particularly.
    Bore on, I love it!!

  10. I think it must be nice to live in one place all your life and Edinburgh is a fantastic city to live in. Ahhh now I'm homesick and as it is a grey and rainy day down here it's just like being back in Scotland!

    One day you must explain to me what you see in Crieff - I am completely mystified.

  11. Oh no...not another meme thingo! Ah well, all right - just for you, my Scottish friend. Helen is perfectly correct when she says "Boring is for other people". Take this one on board too: Bored people are boring people. I'm never bored because I've always got something on the boil, but it remains to be seen whether my blog readers will think my life is/has been boring!

  12. You think your life is boring and mundane? Rest assured it certainly isn't. One of the first things we were told at my Writing Life Stories course was that EVERYONE'S life story is extraordinary, especially to their family. No-one else has lived the life you have, and you are unique, as is your story. I could go on forever about writing life stories !!!!

    I almost always choose biographies at the library, and they are rarely stories of the famous. They are stories of people like you and me, who have lived interesting lives that other people can relate to.

    I hope you always keep enjoying yours - every day of it.

  13. Ido sometimes wonder where the name variants came from. I guess nature strip once meant a grass verge, as local councils decreed it illegal to have anything but lawn on them, and perhaps, with their permission, a gracious tree. Then people realised that 'wild' was good, especially during drought times. So now people tend to plant them up so that nothing but greenery and flowers are to be seen, as the chap opposite us has done. It also stops other people from stealing car parking places! I feel a thesis on name changes coming on!

  14. Next time you think you are boring - re-read your entry on getting the kitties to the vet! I was laughing out loud this morning!! I've been too busy here at work to read blogs much lately - but when I do take a few minutes yours is always one of the first! I love the way you write, your pictures, and the fact that you are in Edenburgh - a city I have been to twice and would love to come to again!!

  15. Oops!! Sorry - EdInburgh!!

  16. Boring? Oh Isabelle -- how could you possibly think that??? Just to live in Edinburgh -- even for a whole lifetime, just sounds so exotic. You want boring -- come to the midwest! Haha. I've moved a lot and trust me, it's very overrated. I do hope you're now getting a well deserved rest from all of your visitors -- I see you've been very busy while I've been gone. Love the kitty antic stories!

  17. Moving really IS over rated Isabelle. Much better to hunker down in one place you love, where you feel that you belong, and make forays out from there, every once in a while, to see how much greener the grass out there isn't! And boring? For boring and shallow google "Paris Hilton."
    To read about an intrepid teacher, unafraid to take on, not one, but two rare black tigers, visit "in this life". Ditto if you want to read the observations of a sane, thoughtful, intelligent person with a well developed funny bone and amazingly green thumb.

    I see you're trying to lure me back into wordfulness.....

  18. That wasn't boring, it was interesting! And as several previous commenters have said, moving is over-rated (I know, I've moved multiple times). Never moving away from Edinburgh, far from showing "a certain lack of initiative" displays an enviable contentment.

  19. Hello Isabelle your meme! gives me more of a lovely idear of just who you are and that is always such a nice thing.

    I loved the photos of your little cat and it makes me miss our little moggie of 14 years a little more today.

    Edinburgh is a beautiful spot and I would never need to travel far should I had been lucky enough to have been born there. ((smiles))
    My family are in Glasgow.

    best wishes to you this day.

  20. Is "tosh" a real word Isabelle?

    If so, then, tosh, tosh, tosh on the "boring" word.

    You have a MOST educational post on the reasons why "wild" animals MUST be approached with extreme caution ...

    I wonder how long the beautiful garden will survive once the felines are released into the great outdoors??

  21. What's wrong with blogging and eating chocolate at the same time?
    Mind you I favour Japanese rice crackers as they aren't greasy on the keyboard! Red wine is a must though.