Friday, June 24, 2011

The end of the tunnel

One more week of work to go. It's a very very strange feeling.

I really liked Anon's comment the other day: this is exactly how I'd hope that my retirement goes. I'm a bit dubious, what with my mother being about to move in with us, my general weediness and my imminent grandmotherhood (though I'm delighted about this bit). Anyway, over to Anon. I shall stick this to the fridge or something.

This will be the time to grasp the "if only I had the time" opportunities. Approach it in a work-like way. Make lists of all those things you thought about doing. Do you still want to do them? Invest in yourself. The success will be down to how you approach it.

Like, I imagine, most women (and some men) I have spent my entire adult life not doing things I wanted to do because there were too many things that I felt I had to do. I wonder if Anon is a retired person who's actually managed to take her (his?) own advice, or if she/he (but I think it's a she) is gritting her teeth and waiting for retirement, determined to start living the life she wants to.

Now I must go up and spend the night at my mother's house, as I've done three times a week for the past four and a half years.


  1. Sounds like retirement will be busy!

    Mum moving in will be a change, but not having to up sticks and go and stay with her three nights a week may have its advantages.

    Times of adjustment are always hard, but I'm sure you will love retirement in the end.

  2. You will find your way.

  3. I am Anon (Blogger was playing up!). I am an ex-civil servant (won't say what), retired on health grounds and living very quietly.I am not ill/sick, but in constant pain which will not improve. When I was working I always dreamed about having enough of a small income to go off and paint. Huh! Be careful what you wish for. My pension is small!
    I do try make the most of the good spells I have though, and am kitted out with art stuff, space to make a mess, and a greenhouse. I read. I learn about things.
    It sounds tough to say that it is all about attitude, but I was 5 when my mother died, barely 12 when my father died. For the remainder of my childhood I was brought up by my brother and sister who were only 8 and 5 years older than me. There was no social services involvement. We were on our own. Sink or swim. We swam.
    I regard myself as extremely fortunate. I am clothed, fed, warm. My husband loves me and is kind. My brother and sister and I are still close.
    Don't be fearful, Isabelle. Make the most of it!

  4. Hi Anon - I must pop over and visit you - your life seems to be rather similar to mine!
    And Isabelle - you will indeed find your way.
    My mum has been living with me for the past 14 years. Well, she does go and visit my sister at times too, but it was something which was not planned, but has worked out well. She is 85, and fit and well.
    But I cannot emphasize enough that you need to block in time NOW for the things that YOU want to do. You and Mr Life as well.
    With impending Grannyhood, life is going to change dramatically. But it is an adventure, and I suspect you are going to have fun!

  5. To Anon - aka The Veg Artist - I don't know if you have a blog or not, but wondered if you by any chance have CRPS? I do, and I know all about pain, but I have my hobbies and my garden too. And life is good.

    Sorry for hijacking your comments, Isabelle!

  6. Love being retired! Cherish your Mother, the days you still have with her will be precious, my husband and I lost our Mothers too many years ago.
    My retirement has been a time of discovery, I've learned to play the piano, to oil paint and how to do nothing, it is wonderful.
    Hope you enjoy yours.

  7. I'm available for quilting lessons!

  8. I will probably never be able to retire, so I am making sure to take the time to do the things I want to do now. I get all my chores done, and work hard, but I always mix in the things I want to do - books I want to read, art projects I want to complete, etc. - because the only day we really have is today.

  9. I'm five weeks behind you, sort of excited about this next phase but a little bit scared, too.