Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Trying too hard

Candidates are supposed to use their own words as far as possible in this exam - to show that they understand, and can discuss the meaning and connotations of, the more challenging words and phrases in the passage. Still, I think one student took this a bit far. To avoid using the word "tooth" she wrote "an item in your mouth used in the minimising of food".

Eighteen scripts to go. I should re-enter the real world on Thursday.


  1. Was she supposed to avoid the actual word. My mind just boggled.
    Almost finished, hey! Well done. Do you get a productivity bonus? No, I thought not. Exploitation of the working class continues....

  2. Hi Isabelle. Sorry but I too am behind with my blog reading!
    I am so so sorry that such a contributor to society ( your dear Aunt ) had to die - Condolences.( go for quality of life over quantity every time. )
    It is very strange how it never rains but it pours , so to speak. Families seem to have everything happening at once. - breathe deeply.
    I hadn'y realised 1 july was such a big day for you.
    Really hope to meet up in about 40 days time - if it works out.
    Hugs; be strong...use that red marker...but give them hope....

  3. Reminds me of this DYAC: http://damnyouautocorrect.com/4236/housekeeping/

    When I lived in Germany (and was learning German), I could beat anyone at the game Taboo, as I'd gotten so used to coming up with awkward synonyms for words, when I knew neither the word I wanted to say nor any obvious synonyms for it. I think your student would probably be good at it too :)