Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another kilt for Anna

Urgh, it's been one of those weeks. I haven't had time to visit most of my favourite blogs or even to look at Mr Life's photos of the wedding. Frustratingly, the official photos were taken by a friend of New SIL and for some unaccountable reason she probably feels that the happy couple should see them first... . The HC are on a Greek island in the sun. I'm sure it's much like autumnal Edinburgh. Or not. Anyway, here are the three bridesmaids (Daughter 1, Best Friend and my lovely niece) with the bride. And the bouquets, complete with hastily tied ribbons.

So these are my rubbish photos but look who came to his first wedding, in a special wedding outfit and a Very Silly (but cute) Hat. The hat came from friends in Spain. Maybe Spanish baby boys are more in touch with their feminine side than ours tend to be.

And here's my nephew being silly with his sister's bouquet. He's half-Scottish and half-American but he wears the kilt well, despite its being my brother's old kilt, bought when he (my brother) was 20 or something. Kilts don't date, though as Nephew complained gently, he is built on rather more hunky lines than my skinny brother.


  1. It all looks very happy, and I eagerly anticipate more. Especially of the bride and bridal dress. What percentage of Scots males would wear kilts to their wedding? Can you buy baby outfits in kilt fabric?

  2. Congratulation to the Newly Weds. I love seeing the photos, and yes, I have a very soft spot for kilts.

  3. Yes, we're all eager for more photos----of the bride, bridesmaids, more hunky men in kilts, more babies in cute wedding bonnets---maybe [gasp!] even a picture of the bride's mother!

  4. Ooooh, thank you for another kilt shot -- and a kilt guy with an attitude -- very nice! I love seeing the pictures Isabelle. That baby looks darling -- I hope he was well behaved during the wedding. I can't wait to see more!