Sunday, September 04, 2011

September arrrives

I've turned into one of those retired people who wonder where the week went. I don't think that Sirius, relaxing in the sun, is troubled by any such questions. Another question is: how come that I have such a huge pile of ironing, when I used to work full time plus an evening and do ironing for five of us and it never built up so much? Very mysterious.

Anyway, Grandson had the odd snooze in the course of the week. Oh, he's so yummy.

Another day, Daughter 1 and I took him for his first visit to the Botanics.

We're going to bring him up with an appreciation of gardens.

Yesterday, on one of the few nice days of the summer, Mr Life and I unaccountably decided to go inside, to the refurbished museum in Chambers Street. They've opened up the basement as a café so we had lunch far away from the sunshine.

All the publicity says that they've made more room for exhibits but it didn't look like that to us. It's now got lots of empty space - and then there's another eatery on the first balcony, where there used to be cases filled with stuff. Still, it's had a nice lick of paint. I'm sure there are deeper reasons why it's been closed for three years or something and cost millions of pounds.
I imagine there was something we didn't notice.

Anyway, it was full of families and they all seemed to be having a good time.


  1. Never mind the ironing, what I want to know is what is on your personal curriculum for the autumn?

  2. You can tell Sirus doesn't have to do any ironing, that's for sure.

  3. Retirement produces it's own weird timescale - I used to iron a week's worth of school and work shirts and not think twice about it, but all the casual clothes seem to be out of proportion with the days between wash loads. The same mystery applies to the amount of crockery going in and out of the dishwasher and how often you run out of eggs and bread!

  4. What a sweet little peanut your grandson is!

  5. You're hysterical Isabelle! I'm thinking a letter to the museum is in order. Perhaps they'd like to account for all that time and money. That comment about the pain made me laugh out loud!

    I LOVE the picture of grandson and his mother in the garden. You can just tell how much she adores him!

    And oooohhhh, can I answer the question behind door/comment #1? You know, with the answer about a wedding???

  6. Ironing is one of those generational things. I still ironing but I don't think any of my children do any at all. And when I went to the drycleaners the other day, to get cleaned my nice silk jacket over which a friend sloshed white wine the other night, I was amazed at all the shirts brought in for laundering. No one does it at home any more - all taken straight up to the drycleaners. It must chew up a lot of disposable income.
    Grandson is very sweet and growing at a rate of knots.
    Love of gardening might skip a generation - it seems to have done this with all my children. This is one of the regrettable mysteries of life.