Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Here we go again

Still don't have the official pictures while the bride and groom are honeymooning. This picture is from my brother.

Yes, I'm the dumpy person in blue looking as if she doesn't like having her picture taken. Or wearing high heels.

Moving on...

Two exchanges from yesterday:

1. I was at the mini-supermarket, standing still in the middle of the aisle, when a severe lady looked at me as if wondering what I was doing.

Me: I'm just trying to think what I came in for.

Severe lady [severely]: You should have a list.

Me [humbly]: "Yes, you're right."

Severe lady: "I don't have a list either."


2. I'd just come back from the dry cleaners with Daughter 2's wedding dress and was still weak at the knees at what it had cost to clean. (I did remember that Daughter 1's dress was expensive, but not that expensive.) I climbed out of the car and said hello to my neighbour, whose daughter has just got engaged.

Neighbour [over hedge, seeing me carrying dress]: You still doing wedding things?
Me: Do you know how much it costs to get a wedding dress cleaned? £75!!!!!!
Neighour [blenching - it's not often that you get the chance to type that word]: I was thinking we might buy a dress for about that much.
Me: [laughs uproariously but with a touch of pity].
Neighbour: So that's just the small change, is it?

Kind of. Still, she did look lovely.


  1. It is a lovely and happy photo, and I am glad to be able to put a face to you. You look good, and yet again, we can note that you do like blue. What's not to like about blue?

  2. Oh, not lovely...Beautiful! I LOVE her dress Isabelle -- it's just beautiful. You look beautiful too! And the handsome Mr. Life -- boy, he looks...Tall!

    But, now I have a question. What decides whether the men will wear kilts to the wedding?

  3. I was just thinking that Anna would need more kilts - but she beat me to it :) Lovely, lovely photo and they look so happy. It's a year since DD's wedding and we still haven't got round to having the dress cleaned - gulp! Better do it before it gets even more expensive!

  4. Such happy, open faces. Just beautiful.

  5. everyone looks very happy, loved the color of your outfit.

  6. I was driving number 2 son home from his piano lesson in Corstorphine on Tuesday (about 5.30ish?) and I think I saw your other half heading home. I yelped "Mr Life!!!!!" at the top of my voice. Number 2 son just looked at me and shook his head. Nothing I say surprises him any more, but much disappoints him....

    Anyway, I wanted to say you all look very fine in that photo. Also, that I am proud of the fact that not only did my wedding dress cost less than my mother's "Mother of the Bride" outfit, it took 3 months less to organise.

  7. Lovely photo of all of you..... The bride looks radiant and I LOVE her dress!

  8. Well done with the flowers! Picking certain colours out of confetti sounds a tad too precise to me.
    You are lucky your young daughters decided to get married - so many young ones now just live together - which is fine but just too easy to walk away from. I wish them much happiness together.
    You are entitiled to a good rest for several weeks!

  9. Wowsers, that is a heck of a lot of money! Still it is a gorgeous dress and your daughter looked lovely. In fact, you all look good in the photo!

  10. Oh Isabelle. are NOT dumpy! Petite is a much nicer word, and that shade of blue suits you so well. You and Mr Life have done an excellent job in raising your children. They want to get MARRIED, for a start. And your daughter wanted a modest dress. One that she wasn't going to fall out of, unlike so many of the brides today who look as if they are trying to outdo Dolly Parton (I think I've got the right person - big up top, and nearly all on show....)

  11. Hello you! lovely to see you.
    You all look grand and the dress is fabulous.

  12. Okay, I just have to say this. YOU are not dumpy. You just need to shop for a different cut of suit. Honestly, it's just that.

    Picture the same suit with the jacket taken in at the waist (and a size smaller - this one looks a bit like it's swallowing you), and the skirt a good four or five inches shorter, and not so full at the hem.

    Voila! A non-dumpy silhouette! The color is lovely, you are lovely, so all that's left is the fit/cut.

  13. I don't think you look dumpy! Your outfit is lovely and I think your daughter's dress is fabulous, I think a handmade one designed specially for her was a great way to go. I hope you've now had a chance to recover from all the wedding work too!