Monday, April 02, 2012

Blanket cat

Well now. How cute was Grandson in his sun suit and hat yesterday?
He likes to sit casually, leaning on one arm and holding one foot with the other hand while he decides which toy to play with.
One of the "classic" baby toys we dug out of the attic was - tara! - this cat which (don't faint with shock, Thimbleanna) - I made out of a blanket many years ago for Son when he was a baby. Daughter 2 was inseparable from a similar blanket rabbit so I thought that Son might like this. He didn't, particularly, which is why it's survived. I can't claim that it would win any needlework prizes but I did make it, All By Myself, which encourages me to think that I might someday make something else. If we ever get my mother's stuff organised.
Yes, Grandson wasn't all that interested in my cat. Actually, if I put my hand up inside it and made it bounce around and talk, this made Grandson shriek with laughter. But mysteriously when he grabbed it from me it was no longer so animated.
Our house is somewhat chaotic at the moment. My mum, reasonably enough, brings things down from her (sold) flat and then decides that she doesn't have room for them in her bedroom. "You can decide what to do with this," she says, giving me pictures, archives and books - all things that I don't really want to throw away but... . In addition, the contents of our attic are in Son's bedroom, awaiting final permission from the offspring to throw much of it away. And then there are the bits of our archives that I brought downstairs to think about, the chair that was in my mother's room but has now been supplanted by a chair from her house, the push chair that we've bought so that Daughter 1 doesn't keep having to haul hers to our house - it will go in the garage once Mr Life's cleared that out... .
It will all get sorted out. Repeat after me: it will all get sorted out. Meanwhile, however, I'm hoping that the Queen doesn't pop in for a visit.


  1. It will all get sorted
    Trust me
    I am an expert

  2. I'd be more worried about the Duchesses of Cambridge and Cornwall ... judging from the news here they cover the British Isles like potato vine.

  3. That boy is so cute. We're at last, getting the house sorted - pray we don't get any more disasters involving vast quantities of unwanted water. Husband has just decreed that we need new carpet, don't know if I can stand the furniture moving!

  4. Ha! Well, according to the calendar, you have 138 days until the Queen arrives LOL! Hey! Maybe the Queen can help you with the sorting.

    I'm VERY impressed with that adorable kitty. We'll have you sewing again in no time -- before you know it, all the sorting will be a distant memory. Hang in there Sweet Isabelle! (And my gosh, grandson is looking less like a baby and more like a little boy!)