Wednesday, April 11, 2012


WAIL!!! We are in SUCH a mess. We keep bringing stuff down from Mum's flat - and it sits around here waiting for decisions. In addition, we prevailed upon Son to come down today and begin clearing out the cupboards in his old room, which was perhaps not a very good idea at this stage, but we need the cupboard space to put things in from Mum's house that she hopes the offspring might at some stage use. Here is the poor chap going through his university notes and various other administrative items from when he last lived here. We have volunteered to recycle paper/take objects to charity shops/sell hugely expensive medical books, which is fine but which means that these things are still around the house. And there's much, MUCH more still to do. I just HATE being in a mess.
I wonder if Mr Life would notice if I just went on an extended holiday for a few months while he sorted all this out?

I'm still going to Zumba once a week. I can't say it's the highlight of my week but there are nice views from the leisure centre, at the top of Drum Brae. It feels much higher up than it looks here - you can see the sea in the distance. I do hope that the Zumbing is doing me some good. It requires concentration and still manages to be a bit tedious. A bit like Maths ... .
One day I must go down this path and see where it leads. It's actually quite steep, though it doesn't look it here.
We were somewhat exhausted this evening. The cats rallied round and were exhausted in sympathy. Such loyal creatures.


  1. I think I am almost at the stage where I can look at old books and papers and get rid of them instead of rearranging them into different boxes.
    I sympathize. and empathize.

  2. Florida is lovely right now; i could put fresh sheets on the guest bed for you....

  3. Ditto VioletSky's comments. It takes time and effort, but yes, you do get to the stage past 'put and take', and can finally bring yourself to chucking the lot out!

  4. Son is such a good sport to come home, sort through ancient history, AND smile for a photo. I need my sons to do a grand clearing out one of these days too.