Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Anniversary

SIL 1 and Grandson share a boys' moment.
Today is Daughter 1 and SIL 1's wedding anniversary - 6 years. Which means that this blog is rather over 6 years old also. I can't help remembering that I felt rather more hopeful 6 years ago than I do now; however, I suppose that's a warning not to waste the next 6, if I live that long. I could accomplish something (other than lots more blog posts). Such as organising the photos... .
This little chap is a great joy, though. He beams his way through life.
He still has a cold and fell asleep during church today.
Then he had another nap during the afternoon - this is him just waking up and getting a nice cuddle from his mum. He became his usual cheery self shortly afterwards.
And tulips - they're uplifting too, aren't they? The darker ones are from the supermarket but the pink frilly ones are from my garden, rescued from having been snapped by the wind.
It's really quite hard posting pictures and then writing about them with a cat sitting on your right hand. Now I have bits of fur up my nose too. Still, anything for my art... .
I hope everyone's having a happy Easter weekend.


  1. And smiling over your very funny words is the perfect end to a perfect day. I think you'll live another while! I hope so anyway x

  2. Happy Easter to you all, cats included (and fur up the nose is SO annoying!) I love that photo of grandson snuggling his mum.

  3. You're too funny. I feel your kitty pain -- whenever I sit down to post, a cat appears. I always thought they were so independent, but they sure like to be lap cats. I also feel your less hopeful pain too. Six years ago seems a world away, doesn't it? I'm thinking maybe it's watching our parents become so frail?