Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another post for Nanny in Worcester

I spend a lot of time visiting Mum in hospital at the moment, so snatch every chance of a visit to Grandson. He has become less interested in his own toys...

... and more interested in Daddy's.

Not to say books, magazines, coasters, coffee cups, computers, mobile phones ... .

To give his parents a bit of a break (I'm so kind) I took him for a walk to Dr Neil's Garden at Duddingston. Natural beauty is very soothing, at least temporarily.

He wore his sunhat and beamed all the way. He is pure joy.

And yes, the blue bottle story is indeed true, but no, I'm not injured (thanks for your solicitude). The sink is, though.


  1. What a happy child! You see, there are compensations in life---D2 goes off to London, to see the queen, or maybe her actor husband, but then a little grandson comes along to console his granny.....

  2. Oh he is just gorgeous, but wait till he discovers the delights of storing pennies in cd drives! Or better still, hiding the remote controls. Ahh what fun that is watching the adults hunting for hours becoming grumpier and grumpier!

  3. Ah that grandson has discovered his feet nothing will be safe!

  4. So lovely. I don't think mine beamed anywhere for the whole duration. They certainly won't be beaming the whole way on Friday when we do a very long drive! Keep watching those hills.

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