Thursday, June 21, 2012


Well, to cheer us all up, here's another picture of Grandson wearing his stripey trousers and his customary big smile. How I love him!

I hope to see him tomorrow, as an antidote to visiting my poor Mum. She is now pretty frequently incontinent, which is horrid for her, though somehow she's managing to rise above it to some extent by ignoring this fact. Twice a day, I bring home from the hospital a polythene bag with very horrible washing in it. They're now talking about her leaving hospital. They clearly think that we won't be able to cope at home and I'm not sure that they're wrong. Mum now can't really walk by herself; indeed she fell the other day and bashed her head and her hand. But she doesn't want to go into residential care and I'm sure she'd be happier back here. They say they'll put "a package of care" in place for her, with people coming in during the day to help her wash and so on. However, she gets up during the night to go to the loo - not always successfully - so ... . Hmm.

She said to me tonight, "It's funny to think that this is me - really old. You tend to think of old age as being something in the future. But it seems to be now."

Ah well. On a more cheerful note: the exam marking didn't throw up anything hilarious this year, but there were one or two minor gems. For example, you may be interested to know that "sportsmen are at the top of the food chair". And that "the weather is sometimes dull and blearly". Or that "curling is an insignificant sport on the backbone of Britain".

There were some other fetching words, such as "bemazement", "rehitorical" and "opitomy" (which I think was really "epitome").

Today, Midsummer's Day, has been very dull and blearly here in Edinburgh. Sorry, tourists.

And by the way: hello, Martha, who left a comment that she's just read through my blog from the beginning - 874 posts! How bemazing. I'm so sorry to have written so much, Martha, but thank you so much for your interest! You don't seem to have a blog, otherwise I would visit it and find out more about you too. I must try to do something more remarkable to justify your marathon effort.


  1. That grandboy of yours opitomises happiness and contentment. I wish you could bottle his smiles so you'd always have them to hand.

    Take care.

  2. Your grandson is bemazing!

  3. I am so glad you have the little chap during these sad times and hope your mum is cheered too. Really too bad of your students, you could have done with a few howlers right now, I think.

  4. LizzieT10:25 am

    Wishing you "bon courage" from France regarding your Mum.

    I am in a similar situation with mine and also have a delightful 8-month old granddaughter to cheer me. Strange days.

  5. Sympathies from us - we know all about the problems of getting up in the night etc. Glad you have such a cheery little chap to help you through. I like bemazing it seems to convey a whole host of meanings!

  6. Did we need more bemazement in the world? Sorry, that was a rehitorical question (rhetorical and historical at the same time - could catch on??)

    GG going well as per usual. Sorry that GGG (Gorgeous Great Grandma) is not. Good luck with the difficult choice to come.

    Lesley xx

  7. So sorry to read the news of your mother, but it's good to see such lovely smiles from Grandson.

  8. I wish I could help some way. I've been through this situation and tough decisions twice, with my mother and with my husband. What a blessing that you have this sunshine in your house, your beautiful grandson, to put a song in your heart. And that you have students who can make you laugh, or
    at least, smile.

  9. Life can be so tiring sometimes. Lucky you have a Small Person around to cheer you up when the going gets tough. It seems like your mother moved from her own home just in time; if she'd still been there and alone when she had that fall...well, one hates to imagine.
    In my former job, I was an in-home carer for several very old (as in nearly 100) people who were living with their elderly daughters (as in their 70's). I was amazed that they didn't commit their mother to high care facilities, but I also greatly admired them for being there for their parent until the end.

  10. What a joy your grandson must be. I thought your mother's comment about old age was so interesting. I can remember my Mom telling me that inside, pointing to her head, she was as young as she ever was, but that outside she wasn't and that got her in trouble because she thought she could still do everything she ever did, but when she tried her body punished her.
    For all the difficulties, enjoy this time with your mother, I so wish I still had mine, but she she's been gone almost 20 years and I miss her still

  11. Your moms words are really touching...your life is so full now Isabelle, how did you ever manage to work as well?

  12. I am sending you an internet-air-hug. What a tremendous emotional teeter-totter you have been on!

  13. A grandson!! Oh, how wonderful!! That just shows how long I've been away. What wonderful news to return to.

    So sorry your mom is having those problems. My mom went through that, also. It's hard on everyone.

    Blessings to you all'

  14. Blearly is , actually , clearly the perfect antonym !
    I do hope your mother can come home , if that's what she wants . Could she ( and you ) try it out , by way of the odd weekend visit first ?

  15. It is a hard time for all of you as your mother's condition deteriorates.
    I hope the hospital is doing all it can to minimise the problems of incontinence and is providing disposable underwear which does not have to be washed. I went through this with Dr P and found the nursing services very useful, and it kicked in before the problem became acute. These problems are distressing for your mother and of course for you.

  16. Anonymous11:15 pm

    Oh, your little grandson is gorgeous!! I know he brings you great joy as do mine.

    I'll be praying for your family and your Mom. I've walked in your painful shoes.

    Best wishes from hot, hot south Texas, USA Deborah