Saturday, June 09, 2012


Last weekend, Mr Life, Daughter 2 and I went to the flower show and saw these extremely enviable creamy paeonies, among many other delights.

I do wish my clematis looked like this - mind you, these people were cheating somewhat by planting several per pot. And I dare say they don't have to contend with slugs, which munch the flowers of my clematis. I really hate slugs. It's been intermittently dampish weather here and I appear to be breeding large numbers of voracious slugs in various tasteful tones of tan, grey and black. Cassie came inside today with a small one adhering to her fur. Mr Life observed that she must have been sitting still for some time for one to have climbed aboard.

Daughter 2 was surprised last weekend - the Queen's Diamond Jubilee - by the lack of red and white bunting and general flagginess in Edinburgh compared to London. So I took this photo of one nursery's Union Flag in plants.

I rather liked this. Why be laid back about winning?

For the last few days, I've been afflicted by digestive problems - when I was a school teacher, this used to be called, in notes from parents about sick children, "S and D". (Diarrhoea is a hard word to spell.) Well, actually it's mainly been the D. I feel a bit better but... anyway, enough details. But I haven't seen Grandson since Tuesday - oh dear. Tomorrow, I hope!


  1. Hope you feel better soon! Such pretty flowers.....they have certainly brightened up my morning.

  2. I hope you are soon better too, then you can see little Grandson again.

    Those clematis towers are stunning.

  3. Beautiful clematis. Hope your tum settles down soon.( you might have eaten something when out? )
    G'son is very cute....standing up soon?

  4. Those horrid illnesses! I hope you have recovered, your grandson must be missing you.
    Those flowers are so beautiful.
    I am a bit over the jubilee, the TV has repeated the same programs so many times, when once was quite enough.

  5. Hope you've recovered now. Beautiful flowers. Grandson looks as gorgeous as ever.

  6. Feel better Isabelle.

  7. Oh poor you. Hope you've recovered from whatever it was.

  8. I hope you feel better soon Isabelle -- having the big D is no way to have fun. I'm betting little grandson is wondering where his granny has been!

  9. You need to get some chickens. We actively collect slugs down in the Borders to feed them to the chooks. And you get eggs in return! (Mind you, chickens also eat any nice juicy greens they can get at, so your garden may suffer......)