Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Having too much fun

Thank you for your kind sympathy about my busyness, but actually most of it was socialising. For example, a friend came over with her daughter and beautiful granddaughter (more or less the same age as Grandson) and we discovered that neither this granddaughter nor Grandson quite understood the concept of sharing. Clearly they were both, as only children, accustomed to things being held out to them by adults. So one would be holding a rattle and contemplating it when the other would pleasantly remove it from his/her grasp, whereupon the other would amiably take it back. There were a lot of surprised "Oooh, what happened to my toy?" expressions on the little faces.

This friend and I have known each other since we were in Guides, while the babies' mums have known each other all their lives. How amazed we would have been, as 12-year-olds, to think that our grandchildren would play together one day.

Then we had Grandson's christening. This has been delayed somewhat, so he didn't fit the family christening robe, but he wore very manly gingham dungarees.
And then we all had lunch at our house and admired Grandson as we looked at the sunshine outside and the pouring rain on the television in London and meantime the Queen and lots of other people boated damply down the Thames.

But now I must go and mark more Higher English papers. What fun. Or not.

(The sofa cushions were on the table, by the way, because the sofa was being moved through to the other living room to provide more seating for guests. The cushions went too, but separately from the main bit.)


  1. I actually have no sympathy for your busyness. It sounds like far too much idle chitchat and, well, fun.

  2. Littlies are so funny to watch together, aren't they? Especially if they have been used to be the only littly. I think Grandson looks very distinguished in his christening duds!

  3. What a very green church. I'm sure they have very high environmental standards! And what a very beautiful family!

  4. A dress really wouldn't have suited him - the manly dungarees seem much more his style.

  5. Grandson's first little girlfriend! ;-) Aren't they cute together! And that church is beautiful!

  6. Ah, I forgot you were a fellow exam paper marker! Did I mention I'm also going to be a grandma in a couple of weeks? Too young, too young!!!