Thursday, September 06, 2012


I'm feeling a little fraught these days. I went into my mum's room last night with the thought that I might look on the shelves down the side of her wardrobe and maybe do a little clearing out of papers and things, but there were her clothes hanging on the rails and I had to shut the wardrobe and go away. My mother was a very elegant lady (I take after my dad when it comes to elegance...) and her clothes are very much her. Anyway, I thought I'd post a completely unrelated (but cheerful) picture of geraniums, or more accurately pelargoniums, and begonias in Princes Street Gardens the other day. I wouldn't plant so many clashing colours of pink and red together in my garden, but in a large flower bed (which it is - and there are lots the same) it somehow works, don't you think?
And here's another bright picture, of Sirius trying out Grandson's play tunnel. The vivid colours set off his black fur very fetchingly, no?
We've spent quite a lot of time this week down at Daughter 2's Edinburgh flat, which she rents out (because she's living in a different rented flat in London these days). The tenants who've just moved out had left the place a bit grubby and there were various wear-and-tear things to be rectified. This would all be fine except that it makes me particularly sad that she's not there.
Ah well, thank goodness for flowers, cats, family (even if distant) and friends. Including bloggy ones.


  1. Those flowers are definitely cheerful! When you are ready you will be able to go through your mum's clothes, not just take as long as you need.

  2. I remember that same flower bed( I think there were several? ) being lovely last year as we drove by in the double decker bus...... I can't quite tell even with the photos enlarged but there appears to be a double orange geranium - I have only ever had singles in that colour. Very cheerful indeed.
    By the way, in answer to your question, a section is a house lot - the area of land you buy to build a house on in a town or city. Traditionally in NZ they were a quarter of an acre - but that is rare today...they jam the houses in really close together. Still usually stand alone. We don't have many terrace (?) houses. We do now have high rises in some places.
    What do you call the piece of land that your home stands on?

  3. The flowers are lovely and very soothing when life is difficult. Growing up in remote harsh parts of Australia, geraniums were something that always grew well. Here in our part of Canberra, we have such awful soil but even a black thumb like me can grow geraniums! I suspect ours are actually pelargoniums but they are growing well and flowering beautifully so I don't ask too many questions lest I jinx the whole process.
    We did admire the Princes St Gardens when we visited Edinburgh and were enchanted with your Botanical Gardens. You have looked after our Wollomi Pine so well.

  4. Close the wardrobe door for now...another time will do.

  5. I've never even heard of a pelargonium! I have geraniums though, and love them. Do you think it would help to have someone else help you with your Mum's clothing? So that maybe you could reminisce about the happier times? XO

  6. A few weeks ago, I did a post on my blog and titled it "this one is for Isabelle" or something like that. I guess you didn't see it - or you ignored it because I did it to tease you! I posted some photos of the geraniums in our front yard which are out of control and will have to be severely pruned or dug up and thrown into the garbage. Yep. Knew you'd love that.

  7. Very fond memories of play tunnels here. Sigh. Both suns a litte too cool to want to sing Happy Birthday to Grandpa tonight, one even too cool to help him blow out candles, though I could see the inner turmoil in the hovering scowl. Sigh. Sunny Princes Street Gardens. Ho hum!

  8. When my sister died my b-i-l left her clothes quite a long time, then started with the older gardening clothes, a few at a time, leaving the more beautiful ones - she was rather dressy too - where they were. I don't know what he did in the end. Perhaps it would be better to do it with a daughter or two, they might even find things they want to keep or customize creatively.

    I like reds and pinks and oranges all together!