Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Things to do when you're one

Nearly 28 years ago, my father-in-law died unexpectedly twelve days after the birth of Son. It was a strange time, a mixture of sorrow and joy. I'm experiencing similar feelings at the moment - grief for my mother and happiness in the smiles of Grandson. Did we have fun today? We did.
Here he is, considering what to do next. I think I detect the light of mischief in those eyes.
 Ah, that's it: take the bowl of keys off the shelf and play with them.
 A pause to look at a book...
... and back to the play tunnel.
A little tune on the piano...
... and out for a walk in the new sunhat.
Life is simple and fun when you're nearly fourteen months old. How I love him.


  1. The simplest things give pleasure to a toddler.....it must be lovely to have such an uncomplicated life!

  2. He is lovely. Isn't it amazing how babies and little children just love bunches of keys, and find them endlessly fascinating!

  3. That's a very varied set of activities....must be keeping you on your toes Grandma.
    Be glad that your Mum got the pleasure of seeing wee G-Gson before she died.
    Speaking from experience..... make sure he doesn't " post," the keys anywhere - it can be very inconvenient!

  4. Such a darling little boy! And so busy which is just what he should be at this age. And what a blessing for you all.

  5. Grandson really is scrumptious. And what a lot he manages to pack into a day!

  6. and the brain development that's going on is truly awesome and never to be repeated at such a rate!!