Thursday, September 13, 2012


Grandson and I walked past the Bank of Scotland headquarters today (well, technically I was doing the walking; he just sat) and saw this chap picking up fallen leaves with one of those metal grabber things. One by one. There aren't very many at the moment but in a week or two I think he'll have to devise a different system ... .
I like fuchsias. Yes, Rachel, I know you don't. But I really enjoy their ridiculous frilliness at this time of year, when some other things in the garden are beginning to look a bit sad.
Phlox - we had phlox in the garden when I was a little girl. I just need to smell its perfume and I'm eight again. These have lasted well - they were in flower when Thimbleanna was here, weeks ago now. (Could be the absence of blazing sunshine that's kept them fresh.)
I seem to have a lot of pink at the moment. I prefer it to scarlet.

Pink pelargoniums and begonia semperflorens.
This is a really lovely dark fuchsia.
And another, a bit less dark. This one is frost-hardy; some of the ones in pots aren't, so I take cuttings in the autumn and just keep these in a jar of water till the spring. They produce lots of roots but don't seem to mind just hanging on, sitting in water on the kitchen windowsill. I do bring some of the pots in as well, but overwintering plants aren't really an ornament to a spare bedroom. Oh, for a heated greenhouse (that someone else would pay for and clean and defumigate and so on).
Grandson still has a cold. We've had to postpone a photo session with our local photographer because the baby's tiny nose is a bit pink. Alan, the photographer, emailed today: "I hope the wee man gets rid of his cold or I may have to use the anti-snot button in Photoshop." I could have done with one of those buttons today. Grandson is not keen on nose-wiping. But he's so cheery!


  1. so much pinkness! I love fuchsia as well. I wish my balcony were not such a sun trap so that i could have a few flowers that actually lasted all summer.

  2. I like fuschsias too. There is something of a Japanese lantern about their shape. I think I have the same dark one as you, also in a container. It might be the one called Darkie ( not a very PC name is it?).

    Mine overwinter in an unheated greenhouse and die back so that they look quite dead, but they come back into leaf again in the spring.

    I hope little grandson soon recovers from his cold.

  3. What beautiful fuchsias and colours. I want some too. Good luck with the nose wiping.

  4. Gorgeous fuschias! When I first saw them as a child they reminded me of little dancers with frilly skirts. Hope little grandson recovers soon!

  5. Lovely flowers. I laughed at the though of picking up all the leaves we have one by one.
    What a lovely photographer - that really made me laugh! ( No little people like having their noses wiped; that's a given )

  6. Sounds like you have a photographer with a sense of humor! Thanks for taking some pictures of the flowers that I forgot to photograph. Although, I do have a shot that I love of the Phlox, with SweetiePie in the background on the bench.

  7. My geraniums might be profuse, but overall my garden is not as colourful as yours...nowhwhere near as colourful, to be honest! I also like Fuschias - had some in a hanging basket once, and they were lovely for a couple of years. Guess I forgot to water them...I'm like that.

  8. I knew about airbrushing for models in magazines, but not about the 'anti-snot' button! Classic!

  9. We grew phlox when I was a child, and I know exactly what you mean. I'm a cuttings in water person as well - those little jars that herbs come in are superb for a tray on the windowsill.

  10. Your colors are so beautiful, here! We have things turning brown and the leaves are getting ready to turn and fall.