Wednesday, September 19, 2012


On Monday, Mr Life and I walked by the Water of Leith, not far from where we live. I imagine that in many cities there are areas like this, that feel miles from the traffic noise. But on the whole, you never find out about them when you're a tourist.
This house backs on to the river. Rather nice...
with a lovely garden, though you couldn't let your small children out by
themselves to play in it.
We saw a heron.
It must have felt like William's Kate pursued by the paparazzi. It flapped upstream; we followed - just because we happened to be going in the same direction.
Here it is again.
And here.
I've decided I wouldn't like to be a heron. It's idyllic down by the river on a sunny day, but imagine being here at night, alone and in the cold. Brr. And I don't like eating fish.


  1. You are just like the paparazzi -- you've published a naked heron.

  2. I don't mind fish, but it would get monotonous eating nothing but fish all day and every day......

  3. The heron looks happy enough, either because of or in spite of the fish, and he probably loves the scenery too.

  4. Herons also eat baby ducklings, but perhaps you don't want to know that?

  5. But you would be perfectly equipped for your existence - and you wouldn't have politicians and financial messes to worry about, only where your next fish was coming from!

  6. Well, I certainly don't like eating baby ducklings, so that's settled it, Relatively Retiring. I'm just not going to be a heron, so there.

  7. Such a beautiful part of Edinburgh which I have only seen in pictures. When I was there in 2010 I couldn't walk well enough to see it. But if I'm ever there again, I really want to do that walk.

  8. Thimbleanna, that heron is fully clothed! We don't have naked herons wandering around the Water of Leith (standards are maintained in Edinburgh, you know!)

  9. the heron looks content. and he does have an idyllic location. but I could never stand still for so long for my supper!