Monday, February 17, 2014

Kinnoull Hill in the sunshine

Mr L, Daughter 2 and I went to visit Son and Daughter-in-Law yesterday. We had rather a big (though delicious) lunch out and then climbed Kinnoull Hill.

I'd have found this easier if I hadn't had pudding.

However, I'm sure we must have worked off at least some of it by the time we were looking down on the silvery - or in this case blue - Tay.

It was very pleasant, though it's always melancholy, when visiting one's distant children, to go away and leave them. I know I should have more fortitude.

Daughter 2 is still with us but goes back to London tomorrow. Same problem again. Ah well.


  1. A beautiful, beautiful world you live in....Of course I do too! But you are managing to see so much of your world. I need more people to walk with.

  2. Your photos are so beautiful. I SO wish we had hills near here that we could climb for a gorgeous view. It's flat as a pancake around here!