Tuesday, February 18, 2014


When we were in the Isle of Man last year (as bloggy friends with long memories might recall) I bought a kit to make the front of a patchwork cushion cover. We then visited Daughter 2. She had some material which she cut into strips to do one for herself, and she and I made the cover fronts together, in a sociable sewing-bee sort of way. When she came home this weekend, she at last had time to put a back and a zip on it.

I made mine up some months ago. The kit actually had brown squares for the square patches, but I didn't like them much, so used some green fabric samples that Daughter 2 had. She used yellow fabric samples, as you can see. There were only two of each shade in each case. I didn't notice till months after I'd made the cushion that I had stupidly put both the slightly darker squares on one side and both lighter squares on the other, instead of putting them diagonally opposite each other. Am I enough of a perfectionist to take the thing apart? I am not.

Cassie enjoys the sunshine. You'd think she was a fluffy toy. You'd be wrong. She is a person of independent mind. She doesn't necessarily want you to stroke that tummy.

Sirius is a very gentle and good-natured cat*. He's not so pretty but he has a really sweet personality. He's still on steroid tablets for his presumed asthma. These are keeping him reasonably cough-free, but he's not the cat he was. He just lies around most of the time and when he moves, it's slowly, which is a shame for a chap in what should be his prime. We worry about him. However, he seems happy enough. I don't think he'll live to be an old cat, though.

Grandson's recent experiences of feeling that he's surrounded by idiots: Episode 2 

Daughter 1 was in a taxi the other day with the children. Grandson leaned over to press a button on the door. "No, no, don't do that," said Daughter 1. "I don't know what that button's for."

I wasn't there, but I can just imagine the expression on his face. You know that one - when your children start pitying you, in a caring sort of way, for your lack of technological expertise.

"It's for pressing,", he explained.

(Silly Mummy.)

* What a rubbish photographer I am. I don't think you're supposed to include your own shadow, holding the camera, in the photo.


  1. OOPS! Classic example of why mothers need to watch their kids 24 hours a day! Okay, settle down you Mums - I'm not serious ;-)
    Nice to see your kitties again. Our cats are also particular about tummy rubbing - not always welcome. It is sad that Sirius isn't as well as he should be at his age. Still, he's still with you, no doubt due to your family's TLC.

  2. That little lad is going to be a joy for his teachers!

    I hope Sirius surprised you all and lives to a grand old age. They both look in beautiful condition.

  3. Oops -read "surprises" for "surprised" ....!

  4. I have never noticed that those green squares weren't all the same colour. And I've seen and admired the cushion in person.

  5. Hahaha -- "it's for pressing" made me burst out laughing. How dumb we adults must appear to be!

    And you certainly can't see any darker/lighter shade from here, so both pillows look fantastic. And, of course, you know I'm loving the fact that you're sucking daughter 2 into the obsession LOL. Well Done!