Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mystery objects

Well, it's not often that I have a sewing project to show off, so here's something I made yesterday.

What is it? Or rather, what are they?

Yes of course - they're donkeys' nosebands.

Now, Thimbleanna, tell me that I've made something that you haven't!

In countries where donkeys are used to pull things, they often get sores from being rubbed by the chains round their noses, and the World Society for the Protection of Animals organises people to make these fur fabric tubes (held together by Velcro) to protect them. - should you wish to do the same.

A friend has organised a sewing bee to sew some, but I couldn't go along, so did some at home. It's not exactly precision needlework - indeed my sewing machine said some very rude things when I asked it to sew through furry stuff and Velcro - but it did it all right. It's quick and easy and presumably makes a difference to the poor donkeys.

In other news... well, nothing really. Learning music, reading books, doing crosswords, walking. All rather unproductive but pleasant enough. One feels one ought to be improving the shining hour. Maybe I'll get the patchwork out again. Now that's useful - cutting up material and sewing it back together.


  1. Well now, that is certainly a first! Well done.

  2. I'm sure the donkeys will thank you, poor things must be so uncomfortable. Or you could chop down a tree and make a table......

  3. Very useful. I have a similar larger version which is velcroed around the diagonal seat belt strap in out truck - to stop my wind pipe being rubbed.
    Perhaps a wigwam( spelling? ) for a goose's bridle could be next?

  4. I always think that good deeds, such as sewing nose bands for suffering donkeys, should be rewarded. If your reward is time spent 'non-usefully' then I think that's absolutely fine!

  5. What a lovely idea! I have already pulled up the website - thank you!

  6. How do they get the cruel donkeys' owners to put them on the donkeys?

  7. That's a worthwhile project - little to some, but important to those poor animals.

  8. Hahaha! I can definitely say that I've never made donkey nosebands - and therefore, you've made something I haven't! (And, I'm sure you've made many things that I haven't.) It looks like a great project -- poor little donkeys.