Monday, February 10, 2014


Two random photos of the littlies for the Worcester side of the family, who look at the blog for this reason alone. Isn't Grandson getting grown-up? At church creche on Sunday, the helper, who was getting things out of the cupboard, said to him, "What kind of toys do you like?" and he replied, "All the toys with four wheels." Which is very true and shows an impressive degree of self-knowledge for a boy of two and a half.

Granddaughter is now crawling in earnest. Her brother is remarkably - though not totally - patient with her as she scrambles along towards his precious vehicles. He has been heard to say firmly, "[Granddaughter] wants to sit on the sofa." Alas, she really doesn't. She wants to handle everything in sight, including his toys.

One of the good things about spring (I'm choosing to regard this as spring, even though it's only February) is that picking a few flowers and putting them in a tiny vase is an excellent procrastination device when I've got fed up with my piano practice and theory. I'm only on Grade 3 theory and I find even this quite challenging in bits. Heaven knows what Grade 8 is like. I can confidently say that I shall never find out.

What with that and trying to learn Mozart's Requiem for one choir; and Handel's Dettingen Te Deum and Bach's Magnificat in D (which is wonderful but HARD) for the other... . Too much of my time is being spent on music. I need some extra days in the week.

Talking of procrastination - piano lesson tomorrow and I need to do some more practice. I find even my easy little tunes quite difficult though (who knew?) practice does help. I just hope that all this effort is warding off dementia or making me a better person or something because it's not making me thinner, younger or richer and it's certainly not making me into a brilliant musician.


  1. Crawling already? Wunderkind! She will be into everything within two shakes.
    I have sung all those fabulous works too, just love them. And my choir us doing the Requiem later in the year.

  2. You could always take up's great fun! While you are looking forward to spring we are hanging out for autumn, this summer has been a real killer.

  3. Hope the Worcester side of your family is ok in the floods. I spent part of my childhood there, often hearing stories from the older generation of serious flooding of the River Severn, but not experiencing this in those years. So I'm finding news and photos of the city centre awash and arterial roads that cross the river closed both particularly vivid because these are familiar places and - more strangely - a kind of coming to life of long-ago stories and imagination...

  4. Simply adorable and wonderful children! :) I once tried to teach myself piano and I couldn't squeak out more than "This Old Man" with one hand... I can't imagine getting a tune with both to sound quite right! :) To ward off mind troubles, I've added doing puzzles to my list. :) Hope you are well, Isabelle!

  5. Ah, lovely smiley faces. Good luck with the all the practice. Although my parents bought me a piano when I was 7, I always wanted a zither. Still do.

  6. Definitely preventing Alzheimer's! I give my students the same hope when we learn tap. The harder it is, the more good we're doing our brains! Grandson had my sympathy re the marauding younger sibling. How lovely that he's quite patient with her.

  7. Good to hear that Grandson has accepted his role as spokesman for the Young Collective . My eldest took this on , too , when her sister was born .
    I'd be told fairly frequently , "The baby needs a biscuit . Me , too ."

    There's something wonderfully Jane Austen about being able to play the piano ... it makes you sound so very accomplished ! As , of course , you are . Not sure that the Misses Bennet did Grade 8 , though .

  8. Such lovely littlies. I do admire your tenacity in learning the piano, I should not be so brave.

    I enjoyed seeing your corner with the pretty glass in it.

  9. Ahh, the littles are growing so quickly and they're adorable! Small grandson won't be little for much longer. And, I suspect, he's started a lifelong passion for things with four wheels!