Friday, October 03, 2014

And in other news...

We went up Rothorn on a rack railway from Brienz. Look at that turquoise water. It's so pretty. I don't understand why nobody ever mentioned it before. I know about chocolate, watches, cuckoo clocks - all of which we saw. Why didn't I know about the water?

It was really quite high up at the top.

This weekend, Daughter 2 came to visit us and Cassie. Cassie quite liked the new hairstyle. Grandson, however, was so surprised that when he saw Daughter 2, he hid behind the door, giggling in a slightly panicky way, and had to be persuaded to come out and see that it was just his auntie in disguise.

Then he carefully decorated Daughter 1's belated birthday cake. One or two chocolate buttons didn't quite make it to the cake.

Another day, Mr Life and I walked in Princes Street Gardens and I took a few photos to compare Edinburgh to Switzerland.

I was right. It's different.

We do have a floral clock, though. Does Switzerland? It's even got a working cuckoo.

Yesterday, Daughter 1 and I took the children to the Botanics. Grandson admired the new aeolian harp. Disappointingly, it wasn't making any noise. It's not often that Edinburgh is windless.

Granddaughter enjoyed her first Botanics toddle.

And Grandson posed in front of these gentians. Now, why didn't I see any of them in Switzerland? You'd have thought there would be lots, wouldn't you?

I got out my cot quilt tonight and looked at it. I haven't had time... or courage... or something... to do anything to it for ages, and now I now I need to do the binding and can't quite remember how I did it the last time. (Well, the only time.) Still, it's a start. Have to work up to these things gradually. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. You're right - both places are lovely, and oh so different! Had the children shot up and grown taller while you were away?

  2. I think Daughter 2's hair looks great. How funny that it made grandson shy.

  3. Her hair looks lovely...and I must admit mountains give me the vapours so I won't be dashing off to Switzerland any time soon...but yes it is very pretty to look is Edinburgh.

  4. Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous colours, gorgeous new hairstyle. And I do understand grandson's reaction. I did much the same when I was about 6 and my auntie got false teeth.

  5. Daughter 2's hair looks great. Grand-daughter here was completely taken aback when Grandpa shaved off his beard.
    Lovely pictures of the mountains - make our hills look a bit puny!

  6. Awwww, what a sweet story about grandson and DD2 and the new haircut! She looks beautiful, as always. And the babies are always growing, aren't they? Did DD1 make his sweater?

  7. Anna - yes, I did knit the sweater! It's one of my better ones.

  8. Oh, those dear children! The new hairstyle really suits your daughter.

    Lovely images as usual.