Thursday, October 16, 2014


We took the little ones to the museum today.

Grandson always looks back to check that we're following but Granddaughter just heads confidently off into the distance.

One has to pursue her.

Then we came home and they played very assiduously. Granddaughter seems as keen on vehicles as her brother does, though maybe it's just that there are a lot to play with in our house.

Grandson spent a long time watching this snail. It makes my heart sing to watch him discovering the world.

He also gazed long at the little fountain: at how it creates bubbles between the pebbles and how the pebbles darken when they're wet. "Why do waterfalls make a noise?" he enquired. Well, umm... the water makes a noise when it hits more water, or rocks. "But why?" Errr... .

He asks "Why?" so much that this is one of his little sister's words. "Teddy," she says. "Pussy. Doggy. Book. Why?"


  1. When you are a small person every day is a wonder - so many new interesting things to learn about and explore!

  2. And your posts about the grandchildren make my heart sing. How Granddaughter has grown. She is catching up with Grandson now she is on her feet.

  3. How lovely to see brother and sister exploring and playing together.

  4. I love the idea of playing "assiduously". Am going to try it!! Gorgeous, scrummy grandchildren too. L xx

  5. Such dear little things.

  6. Ah, the "why" stage. What fun you must be having in a world where everything is exciting and new!