Thursday, October 09, 2014

Some more nothing much

I've now attached the binding (the machine bit) to my much-neglected cot quilt. Cassie is hindering the next stage somewhat, but it's all hand-sewing from now on so it won't take too long. 

Son came down for the day yesterday and we went for a walk by the sea. It was a beautiful autumn day. He told us how he has become the go-to doctor in his practice when toenails need to be removed. Urgh.

We're hoping for continuing sunshine, since we have a leak in the roof. It rained last Friday night and dripped down right beside my bed. This isn't very conducive to peaceful sleep. A chap is coming to mend it on Saturday, "weather permitting". I do hope it permits.

This is quite picture-postcardy, don't you think?

That's Cramond Island. It's accessible by a causeway at low tide but cut off at other times.

Granddaughter is very jolly, if a bit dazzled by the flash.

Grandson loves playing with his traffic signs and cones. He doesn't seem bothered by the mismatch in sizes and has now added a policeman to keep things in order at the end of the line.

Me: I think you should go to the toilet before you go to nursery.
Him: No, I don't want to.
Me: I really think you should.
Him: No.
Me: [trying to guilt-trip him]:You don't want to make me sad, do you?
[Pause for thought]
Him: No, I don't. Would a cuddle help?

It did.


  1. What a totally sweet boy! I am sure a cuddle from him would do quite well for almost anything troubling you.

  2. Oh! You are truly blessed. What a dear little boy.

  3. Very picture postcardy! Good to hear Grandson is looking after you so well - that's very sweet.

  4. Cuddles cure so much .....

  5. I hear the role reversal gear change round here these days too!

  6. Beautiful photos, Isabelle. Picture postcard material indeed - why not submit them to one of those places that produce postcards?

  7. Oh my gosh -- that grandson conversation made me burst out laughing -- what a little doll! And granddaughter is looking very cute and happy.

    Sorry about the leak -- that's so frustrating. Just this morning we've made attempt number 5 million to fix our wee little very annoying 10-year leak in the basement. Who would have thought a little water could confuse so many people? We've given up all hope of figuring out where the water comes from and now are attempting to divert it somewhere else. Rain coming in a few days - we'll see what happens!

    And you're at the end of the cute little cot quilt! Time to send more fabric along???

  8. The pictures of the beach are lovely-a roof leak is not! I hope weather permits and it is patched up soon! The grandkids are adorable, as always, and seem to be growing! :)

  9. Your grandson is a hoot, and he sure can think quickly.

  10. Such a sweet smiley little girl and a very smart little boy. He has you right where he wants you, doesn't he?

    Fingers crossed that the leak has been well and truly fixed.

  11. Cassie's not hindering your quilt's progress, she's merely giving it her seal of approval!

  12. It might be attention deficit disorder....who knows? I meant to add that that was certainly a very "postcardy" scene, and that little boy could give proper English lessons to a few adults I know.