Saturday, October 18, 2014

Walking in East Lothian

It was such a beautiful day today, as warm as summer. We walked in East Lothian, to the east of Edinburgh, with friends from church -

between ploughed fields,

through a wood where shadows striped the path,

 over fallen leaves

which crunched beneath our feet,

through a farmyard - the pink stone and tiled roofs so typical of the East Lothian countryside -

beside fields newly sown with winter wheat

or full of leeks which are ready to harvest

and down to the sea

where the sand was yellow, the sea was blue, the breakers were energetic and the wind was persistent,

with the Bass Rock in the distance, glittering white and home to 150,000 gannets, lots of guillemots, razorbills, puffins, cormorants, eider duck and various types of seagull. The whiteness is... the result of all those birds.

And then we didn't go on to this headland but instead turned back inland

through the woods

and towards the cars, then to

a tea shop, where we replaced the calories that we'd burned off over the last six miles. A lovely day.


  1. Those are lovely photos of the countryside. I think I would have enjoyed that walk. I am a good walker but tend to go too fast for R. If I am taking photos ( like you were ) that slows me down a bit. The paddock of leeks looked very tasty.

    We only saw that sort of view from the train when were were in your area.

  2. East Lothian is one of the areas of Scotland I am familiar with! Lovely photos.

  3. A lovely view indeed......and a well-earned tea stop!

  4. How lovely to have such beautiful land and shore so close to you..great pics Isabelle.

  5. That looks such a great route and good to hear cake was involved.

  6. That looks lovely. Where is that walk? (Always looking for places to drag husband and children to when we are at home on weekends!)

  7. How lovely to have the sun shine when you were walking.

  8. It sounds magical to me! But at least we are having sun today after many days of cold gray skies and rain drizzling down. Gather ye rosebuds - even in October. Or perhaps, especially in October.

  9. It was at Tyninghame, Lynda. I can send you directions if you want!

  10. You're killing me Isabelle!!! It all looks so beautiful! And I still maintain that some of those white spots on that rock are actually moving LOL!!!

  11. Lovely day! Thanks for taking us along!

  12. What a nice day and it would have been rude not to have stopped at the tea pfft to the calories. America doesn't really do tea shops, sadly, well, to begin with.....they'd have to learn to make tea properly......though to be fair, we have a cafe in our nearest town that makes an excellent cuppa, and lots of nice teas to choose from too.