Sunday, October 12, 2014


Yesterday was a good day. In the morning I finished binding my little cot quilt, reflecting how ingenious the inventor of this technique was. You tuck it all in and fold the binding over so that no one would ever guess at the raggedy edges and loose threads. Maybe this is what blogging and Facebook allow us to do with our lives.

Then I went and collected Grandson, waiting while he enjoyed the story of Noddy and the stolen cars.

He came over to our house and played with his trains, undisturbed by any pesky little sisters. (As I've said before, our rug is not really as bright as this. It must have fibres which bend the light ... or something. Blame Ikea.)

There haven't been any frosts yet but most of the flowers in the garden are over, apart from bedding plants such as begonias and geraniums. This Busy Lizzie makes a splash of colour, though, inside and out. I've had it for years, or at least I keep it going from cuttings.

We went to the playpark ...

... and walked home by the river. Look at those autumn leaves. Despite the sunshine, the winter can't be far away.

And then he stayed the night. He's very cute in his pyjamas.


  1. Love those gorgeous autumn leaves! Well done on your quilt, it is very pretty. Once upon a time we had small boys' stuff in our house too......

  2. What a lucky, lucky little boy to have a private getaway with Grandma and Grandpa!

    And the quilt! IT'S DONE!!! Your binding and quilting look fantastic! I love you analogy to blogging too. Now ... I do hate to nag ... but the next project???

    Oh ... and what does small Grandson think of Granny's marvelous quilting skills?

  3. That looked like a perfect day.

  4. Seems to me he's very cute in anything...And getting so big!

    That was a very perceptive comment about how quilt binding compares to blogging in that it tidies away all the ragged edges...But I already knew you had a philosophical bent.