Friday, November 06, 2009

Just having a little blog...

... to put in the time while Cassie Cat decides to come out from under my desk so I can put her to bed in the kitchen. I am too old to crawl under desks for cats and besides, she can streak faster than I can crawl.

Above: Son tries on Daughter 2's spider costume (but with his cat ears. And whiskers).

Below: Son looks very alarming.

So dignified. You can tell he's a doctor.

Aha. Cat has emerged. Now I'll race her to the kitchen.


  1. He looks about as dignified as most of the docs I know...

    Cats are best coaxed or waited for. Chasing never works well.

  2. Cassie Cat was hiding under the desk because she saw that picture of Doctor Spider Cat. That's not a spider that a cat would like to torture!

  3. The spider coat is genius - let's hope the Doc inside is one too, for the sake of his patients!

  4. Love the costume and the photo! It's nice to see doctors in their everyday life!

    I can relate to the crawling under the desk after a cat! Boyd and I were both on our knees trying to fix something under the kitchen sink and we couldn't get up. We both had sore knees for the rest of the day. That's the part of getting old that is so ugly!

  5. Exactly the sort of Doctor one needs, to cheer one, if disabled by illness! Bravo!