Tuesday, November 17, 2009

She returns

This is what Daughter 2's bed looked like on Sunday night. Empty. I took this maudlin photo of it.

And tonight? She's asleep in it. She and Cassie the Cat. Her lodger (a friend of a friend; no romantic involvement) went out of town to visit his parents tonight so she came home.

Yes, two nights away and one here. We might just about manage if it's a pattern like that.


  1. My mother cried for six months stright when I left home and I was never allowed to forget it.

    I hope you don't cry for six months, Isabelle Especially if the bed is slept in occasionally.

  2. This way you can ease gently into empty-nestedness!

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  4. How nice to have her there for another night.
    I do sympathise. My children were snatched away (so to speak, or at least that is what it felt like) in a very untimely fashion, and to this day I feel deprived.

  5. I think it's lovely that you're going to miss her so much. I went to boarding shcool at 10 and, because my parents worked abroad, we never really lived together for more than a few weeks since then. We're a close family but in a distant kind of way (as in we talk a lot but don't see each other much).

    I envy your closeness but suspect that I would have killed my mother (or vice vesa) if we'd lived together for any length of time!!!

    Hope you see lots of her and the others so you hardly notice the spare room!

    Lesley x

  6. Awww...Sweet DD2 knows what you're going through. I hope this ratio continues...forever!

  7. Perhaps she started having a wobbly about being surrounded by all those chintzy flowers and had to get away!

    My sister's eldest was driving everyone else in the family mad and they couldn't wait to see the back of her, but her parents still said it was like a bereavement when she left.

  8. Ah, what a lovely way to adjust to Daughter 2's absence (or lack of absence, as the case may be!). She's still around, and what's the bet you'll relish her company even more as your visitor :-)

  9. Did she bring you laundry? (I only ask because my brother did something similar but he brought laundry!)