Sunday, March 13, 2016

New dress

Granddaughter is going to be a flower girl at a wedding soon, and the other granny and I took her to try on her dress. Granddaughter was intrigued. The other granny and I went "Ohhhh" in unison. Granddaughter will be more elegantly tressed and shod on the big day.

It's spring. Hurray.

The Botanic gardens are bursting into bloom.

Daughter 1 and her husband decluttered their old house last spring for selling it by bringing a lot of non-essential possessions round to us and storing them in a spare bedroom. These included quite a lot of toys. Today, Daughter 1 packed a lot of them neatly into baskets and put them in our hall to take back to their new house. They didn't stay packed for very long... .


  1. Fun to unpack toys! Love the dress on her. Hoping for spring to get here soon.

  2. I'm sure she will be the hit of the wedding! I love your spring flowers - we're hoping our autumn will soon start, we've had enough of summer.

  3. She looks adorable in the dress, hope she enjoys the day.

  4. Such a pretty dress on a very cute girl. She will be a big hit at the wedding.
    So many are looking forward to spring and I'm dreading it!! We have had another mild winter in southern Ca. and temps are in the 80's. How hot will it be this summer?! Best to look on the bright side. We have a well(free water) and I do love having a vegetable garden. Patty Mc

  5. Anonymous8:04 pm

    There is something so sweet about a little girl in a long white dress.

  6. Hahaha -- the toys in the hall are classic! You can't pack toys away when children are around LOL.

    L looks so cute in her little dress. I can't wait to see a picture when she's all dolled up!

  7. Well, now she's 3 she is sooo grown up!!

    I love spring - the warmer sunshine, the flowers, the bluer skies, the slight decrease in precipitation....

  8. What a picture she looks!

    Isn`t it much more fun to rediscover old toys?


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