Thursday, March 10, 2016


Oh look, the pictures have gone unaccountably small again. Isn't technology wonderful? Anyway, Granddaughter was three yesterday. THREE! How is that possible? So they dressed up as medical people.

"I'm a doctor," said Grandson.
"I'm a nurse," said Granddaughter.
"You could be a doctor too," someone said (equality and all that).
"No, I'm a nurse," said Granddaughter. I imagine she thought the costume was better.

The outfit was one of those made by my mother-in-law for my daughters. Wouldn't she be pleased if she could see it being reused? (But she died in 1991.) In fact the costume is more 1920s than 1980s, I'd think. But as Granddaughter spotted, it's rather becoming.

And I've now joined 430 pieces together to make the middle part of a quilt. Why do I keep having to make minor adjustments to make it meet at the corners? I'm so careful with my cutting out and quarter-inch seams - well, clearly I'm not, but I think I'm being careful. Anyway, I won most of the corner battles in the end, though there are a couple that I'm less happy with. Don't look too closely.

Now for some borders and then a few months of hand-quilting. It's a slightly mad use of my retirement but it's nice to have something to show for the passing years and it's easier than playing the piano. Everything's easier than playing the piano, or at least playing the piano well.

(By the way, thank you so much for the nice comments from non-blog owners - hello, waving to you!)


  1. Ah, but playing the piano even if it's not well can be so satisfying.
    Can't believe your granddaughter is 3, I'm sure she was just born, I remember it well.

  2. Wouldn't dream of looking closely but it looks smashing. I loved my nurse outfit and I had a super stethoscope that you really could hear hearts beating!

  3. Kids love to dress up! Both my daughters were into wearing pioneer clothes, which was tricky to figure out. You are fortunate to already have outfits!

  4. 3 already? are you sure?..crikey. I wouldn't have the patience to quilt like that .. well done.

  5. Grandson could be a nurse, too!Belated happy birthday to granddaughter. It's a wonderful age.

  6. Grandson could be a nurse, too!Belated happy birthday to granddaughter. It's a wonderful age.

  7. Lovely photos of your 2 young people. Time does fly by. I imagine Uncle would be able to supply a few safe props for the young medical team to use.
    Well done on your second ( ? ) quilt. It looks pretty well matched to me.
    Best wishes to you all,from NZ.

  8. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Waving back at you!

    The children look so sweet as medical people, I hope they enjoyed themselves. The cake looks good, did you make it?

  9. It's hard to get that gender neutrality to stick! My DD2 and her husband have two daughters and the second one is just naturally a "girly" girl. They never used pink for girls, but when they were teaching the names of the colors, Clara insisted on calling pink "the pretty color". But she doesn't want to be a nurse. Only a princess would do, for years, and now maybe she would be willing to be a ballerina. Her sister wants to be a vet. Your grandchildren are always a delight. How lucky they are to have you living so close to them.
    And your quilt is great! But keep on with the piano! It will become more natural and easy with time.

  10. THREE??? This can't be. Are you SURE? I'm thinking two. You guys added a year. She's looking adorable in her little nurses outfit -- they sure make a cute medical staff!

    And the quilt is looking wonderful! I always have to adjust the corners -- no matter how careful I am. In fact, I'm always surprised if I don't have to adjust them.

  11. The children are adorable - no matter the age, they just keep getting better! The quilt looks lovely. I made one this month for my Grandson's first birthday, but I cheater (?) and had most of the quilting done by machine. (not all of my corners were perfect, either ;-)