Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The quiet life...

Look, a big picture again. It's different every time. I have no idea why.

Life's been very quiet with the little ones down south so here's a picture of the first hippeastrum to flower this year. I have quite a lot of them because they keep sprouting extra bits and I haven't the heart (sense) to throw these away. The websites say you should dry them off or put them in the fridge or something during the dormant period but mine just stay in their pots on the landing window sill or a spare bedroom, looking leafy and boring, and then eventually they do this again. A week's beauty and then 51 weeks of leafiness.

It's amazing how much quilty stuff one can get done when it's just him and me. And - get this, Thimbleanna - I'm a proper quilty person now because I'm doing two at once! I'm cutting one out while - well, not simultaneously, but at different points during the day - quilting the other. Are you impressed? Actually, you don't need to be very impressed. The other one is what I now regard, from my lofty heights of a little experience, as simple (as opposed to the fairly simple other one). It's just going to be five-inch squares with a border, as a gift for a friend, but she doesn't quilt so she won't know that it's not very advanced.

And that's about it. My innards haven't been quite right for some reason, so we've been going for short walks and I've been tidying up the garden and trying to play my latest piano tune, which I thought for a while was going to entirely defeat me. However it's been getting slightly easier with practice and I can now limp my way through it. Sorry, Scarlatti. This is Grade 3. I can tell you now that I shall never get to Grade 8, 7, 6, 5 or possibly 4: old age and arthritis will overtake me and I'll start getting worse again. However, it's interesting and, in a frustrating way, enjoyable.

And we'll see the grandchildren again tomorrow.


  1. I'm getting pretty good on the piano and Scarletti can still give me fits, I'll bet he was a right sour puss.
    Hope you're feeling better and I'm very impressed that you're doing 2 quilts at the same time.

  2. Quiet times are good, and help us appreciate the sometimes chaotic life with the family around. Hope your innards will get back to normal soon. I bet you'll be happy to see the little ones. :)

  3. Well done on all the quilt making. I'd love to have a go (more like I'd love to have the finished article) but I know my limitations. I could lift the piano lid every once in a while, though. Enjoy catching up on cuddles and chat with your littlies and I do hope the, er, internal disorder soon settles.

  4. Hope your innards settle soon. I could play the piano here. I don't know why I don't. Maybe when everyone has gone to New York I will play laments and dirges.

  5. YAY!!! You ARE a proper quiltmaker (and well, you have been, from that very first quilt)! It need to have different projects for the different phases (hand-work, machine-work, quilting) seems unavoidable. And soon, if not already, your mind will be racing to the NEXT quilt. Are you shopping online yet? Or traveling to quilt shops? Or spending ridiculous amounts of time on the internet oggling other quilts? (Just say no to Pinterest if you value your time LOL!) I'm glad the babies will be home tomorrow (today?). And hoping you'll soon be feeling better. Can't wait to see the newest quilt!

  6. I have just printed out a sheet of music from the Internet of my very favorite piece of Gregorian chant. I have not yet attempted to play it on the piano. Just seeing it lying on my desk, in all its potential, is making me happy for now.

  7. P.S. Google "Salve Caput Cruentatum" on YouTube and have a listen. See if you don't get goosebumps!

  8. 2 quilts! whooo. Get well soon tummy.
    Your daffodils look lovely.


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