Sunday, March 20, 2016

The mouths of babes...

Granddaughter was painting, with her paper resting on a bit of old newspaper to save the table from being painted. Then she removed her art work and surveyed the newspaper - with its cartoon about the recent budget's tax on sugar. This is her interpretation of the picture. Firstly: "Here's a man and some children. I wonder where their mummy is. They're running out to the garden."

"This is a lighthouse."

"And this is [my brother] and me."

"This [below] is Grandpa and he is a friendly fairy."

So interesting to see her trying to make sense of the world. (She's not the only one.)


  1. How does grandpa feel about being a friendly fairy? And where are YOU? :)Maybe in the lighthouse?

  2. Oh Pam this is so cute! You make me laugh with all these posts about what the little ones get up to, and your take on them!

  3. Well, at least she thinks Grandpa is a friendly fairy -- he looks a little menacing to me LOL!

  4. She's making perfect sense, it's the world that doesn't make sense. Can't believe they think that putting a tax on sugary drinks will stop people from drinking them, they'll still drink them and blame politicians for the tax.

  5. Anonymous5:17 pm

    That is the most sensible take on it all, I feel. Well done little one.

  6. An eminently sensible interpretation!


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