Monday, June 03, 2019

A bit of hyperbole

It's such a lovely time of year - irises in the garden.

On Saturday we visited the Gardening Scotland show and enjoyed the exhibits in the Floral Hall. I love these carnations.

And I have a soft spot for streptocarpus, though this is the reason that I have too many of them... .

Beautiful paeonies, which I restrained myself from buying because my garden is TOO FULL.

On Sunday, the Edinburgh grandchildren were painting in the garden with big brushes. Biggest Granddaughter looked at her brother's creation and said (I wrote it down, so these are her exact words):

"That front bit of your train is so realistic, so unexpected, so elegant, so unique!"

She is a hoot. If possibly a bit over-the-top.

Then today we went up to visit our northern family. Small Grandson slept all the time we were there. So cute!

We went with Son and Middle Granddaughter to the park, where she ran, hopped, bounced, roundabouted and climbed. Son nobly and nimbly climbed after her. This was quite high and she's only 2 and three-quarters, so I'm glad he's fit!


  1. I don't like heights, so I would be terrified to climb up there. Your son is very brave! I love the flowers. Those two tone carnations are gorgeous. I want some.

  2. Aah, favourite flowers.
    Well done Grandees!

  3. I think in my new town that the best "view" of flowers will eventually be my own garden... Out on the High Plains of South Dakota, there just are not too many floral glades... and no Botanics, either...
    But I WILL be close to the grandchildren and I hope they are as clever as yours! Children repeat what they hear... I had better UP my game! I AM taking my full bookcase of children's books, so that will be a good start.

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