Friday, June 21, 2019

Flowers, hair and summer nights

The other day we again made the journey over the bridge and up to Angus to visit Son and his family. We took Daughter 1 with us to meet her new nephew.

Here are Daughter 1, Son and The Unbloggable Baby. He has a good head of hair. As does Son.

We all went to a playpark, The Unbloggable Medium Granddaughter riding on the back of the buggy like a pro big sister.

Daughter 1 pushed her on the swings. It was a lovely day.

Back home, I admired my peonies. For once, this year (famous last words) it hasn't done its usual thing of pouring for days and ruining the blooms just at they reached their peak. The alliums are still good too.

To cheer ourselves (well, me) up for the lack of at-hand grandchildren (the Edinburgh ones were at school), the old chap and I had a walk in the Botanics, which always soothes my soul at least temporarily.

Delphiniums. I love delphiniums. So do slugs, though apparently not here.

These are interesting little primulas. I'm not sure if I like them, but they have an otherworldly charm.

This is my garden just after 10 last night, when I decided to go out and do some gardening. Hurray for the light nights.


  1. Your garden is looking wonderfully colourful. Wow gardening at night. I too like blue flowers like delphiniums. I think they like really rich soil.

  2. Although the flowers might not be blooming when I come in September, that bench out there has my name on it. :) Your place looks idyllic. What fun to visit the grandchildren; I'm hoping for the opportunity soon!

  3. Wow -- your garden is SO beautiful!!! (But then I already knew that LOL.) I LOVE the blues and pinks and purples -- so pretty! Enjoy your long summer nights!

  4. Evening gardening! Such a delightful thing to do (not that I did it in NZ as a kid, just ran around after dinner and got cold feet) ... we are dark at 5 pm at the moment and it's very sad. Damn tilted planet.

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  6. Your evening garden is lovely. We sadly only had a handful of days in Edinburgh and spent one of them at the Botanic gardens. Worth every second - what a wonderful place! That magnificent great hedge!

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