Sunday, June 30, 2019


The weather has been somewhat mixed recently. For example, a few days ago, in balmy sunshine, I admired the candytuft I didn't plant (or at least, I scattered some seeds a few years ago and since then have allowed it to seed itself) and behind it, the Canterbury bells I never planted (but which seeds itself all over the place in this garden) and behind that, the foxgloves (ditto). It was a lovely day and I reflected that gardening is sometimes just going with the flow. To a limited extent.

Granddaughter and I took a trip to the local park. It was hot.

Grandson the Elder stayed the night on Friday so that he and his grandpa could go to a model railway exhibition in Perth yesterday morning.

While they were away, I walked with friends in the park, admiring the lovely flowers and enjoying the sunshine. Then there were a few spots of rain, so we quickened our pace to come back here for coffee and cake.

And then, shortly after they left ... it POURED.

AND POURED (this is not a pond. It's a flower bed, right in front of the front door. Argh).

And poured. We never used to get rain like this here - pounding relentlessly down and splashing up again with the force of its fall. Climate change. Fortunately it didn't last long. It saved me from having to water the pots outside and it did prove that our roof doesn't leak. It was a bit alarming, though.


  1. Anonymous10:28 pm

    That is an alrming amount of rainfall.

    Those Grandchildren are looking very tall!

  2. I like not having to water, but that does look like a downpour. I worry about that hurting the flowers. My petunias hate the rain. Going with the flow is a great mantra; my late husband used to say it a lot. He was better at it than I was though. I'm improving through necessity!

  3. I do love rain that means I don't have to water plants! But not too much rain.
    Your oldest grandchildren are growing up....Well, all your grandchildren must be! But I am aware of it in these photos.

  4. Im enjoying a lovely catch up with your summer while wondering where mine has gone. Like you we have endured some extremes, although in our case it was extreme heat in France which we unluckily timed for record breaking temperatures.
    Its good to see the grandchildren can be diverted by sandpits and railway sets and are not glued to phones. I see even babies adept at scrolling. A certain one year old walks around with something (a brick will do) clamped to his ear shouting instructions (or so it seems).