Monday, June 17, 2019

Summer is definitely a-coming in

I don't know where the time goes - cliched but true. It's gardening season, so that accounts for some of it. My alliums are very good - such excellent doers. Look at all the different kinds of bees (and possibly non-bees?) on them.

Aah, irises.

Aah, clematis.

Aah, foxgloves, which I didn't plant but I did deliberately leave to flower. I do love them, though they're somewhat smothering the things in that bed that I did actually plant.

From Thursday to Sunday, one of my choirs hosted a choir from Wales. We personally had to stay a very interesting French lady (who lives in Wales) and the whole long weekend was taken up with rehearsals, two concerts and various sightseeing trips. One of the churches we sang in was right beside the Castle, so I nipped out for some fresh air between the rehearsal and the concert. It was all great fun but somewhat exhausting.

The Edinburgh grandchildren had a complicated weekend too, since Grandson (now the Elder) was away at Beaver camp overnight on the Saturday (and seemed to have a great time, despite his granny's anxiety - first night away without family). Granddaughter the Eldest was in four shows put on by her dancing school.

This is a very bad photo of her looking to see what the little girl beside her was doing and then doing it too, a second later. I'm not sure that's how it's supposed to work but of course she was the best really... .

When the shows were first mooted, the little ones were told that in their scene, the big girls were going to be princesses and the little ones were going to be frogs. This shows poor knowledge of the psychology of the modern small girl. There was rebellion - they wanted to be princesses. The whole thing was changed, and they were Victorian girls with balloons (not entirely sure why, but the dresses were pretty. Frogs indeed!).

And now I'm off to sew the wadding together and pin my quilt. Then - at last! - I can start to quilt it. It's not been touched for weeks for reasons of busyness. This retirement thing is a whirl of activity.


  1. Retirement is a whirl of activity! It does sound exhausting, but in a rewarding way. :) The flowers are beautiful; I love the colors! Purples are one of my favorites.

  2. Your dear grandchildren are growing up! And you are such an important part of their world! I love your flowers, especially that Iris.

  3. Anonymous12:21 am

    My retirement is not a whirl of activity - are you inclined to lease some of your Grandchildren? I do think that my life would be enriched by some of them...

    (this is not a serious proposition - I would not know what to do with them at all!)

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