Sunday, April 24, 2011

Being away and coming back.

Happy Easter, everyone.

We got back on Wednesday, having been away in this lovely house in Norfolk. My aunt lives here (it's a long story) and we've gone to stay with her every two years since 1987. Which has been wonderful. We have very fond memories of holidays in this house and its beautiful, huge garden.

This is the view from an upstairs window.

And this is the view from the woodland part of the garden - you can see the house in the distance.

And I'll write more about this another time, but Daughter 2 is here for the weekend and I don't want to spend time away from her.

But I will just add a big thanks to Gossipya, who came all the way from Amman in Jordan to catsit our cats! (Well, she did have other reasons for being in Edinburgh too.) This all seems to have gone fine up to the point that she texted us when we were on our way home, to say that Sirius had been missing for 24 hours. We were distraught, and spent the next five hours imagining the worst, since he'd never done anything like this before - he very occasionally stays out all night but has always been back by 5 or 6 in the morning.

However, when we got home, there he was curled up on my study chair. Where had he been? He's not saying.

This is the fourth time I've appealed for catsitters on my blog and magically got them: Thimbleanna and her husband from Indiana; Scott from Australia via Liverpool; The Phoenix and L from the North of England; and now Gossipya from Amman. How amazing the world of Blog is. Thanks to you all! Cassie and Sirius send you purrs. (And in Sirius's case, Gossipya, profound apologies. )


  1. OhMyGosh -- naughty, naughty little Sirius! Perhaps he has a girlfriend? It is spring, you know!

    I can't wait to hear more about your Aunt's place -- it looks so beautiful!

  2. Obviously Sirius felt he needed/deserved a little holiday of his own! I LOVE that woodland picture!

  3. I'm very glad that Sirius came back. poor Gossipya. It is wonderful that you've found good catsitters via the blog.

    Hope everything is okay.

  4. That house is amaing and I have coveted it since...last you wrote about it.

    One of my cats used to disappear when we had catsitters, we discovered that she would hang around a neighbours house. I believe they think you have been eaten by a predator if you disappear, so they go and hide.

  5. Seriously, let your Aunt know that I would quite like to LiVE in that house. Thanks.

  6. What a lovely house, garden, and beautifully mown lawn. So glad you had such a good time. Sirius was obviously looking for you....
    Have a lovely time with you daughter.

  7. Hello there - bit late but Happy Easter to all you and yours. Gosh would have been horrible getting the sms about Sirius - so glad he was probably just asserting himself!! and feel so much for poor Gossipya having to impart such dreadful news. Zxx

  8. oh Sirius... yes he stayed out pretty late for us a time or two, but always back by morning!! I guess a cat's got to have a life of his own...

  9. What a vacation spot! Lucky you!

  10. P.S. I'm so glad Sirius came back :)

  11. Hallo Isabelle! Just got my internet connection back. So glad Sirius has been cheering you up. The pictures of your aunt's house are wonderful. Have you mended the cat flap?
    I loved my stay in your house with Cassie and Sirius - many, many thanks.