Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A view

(Ooh look, a picture.)

I was on the bus this morning (going to meet Daughter 1 at the dressmaker's to organise her a bridesmaid's dress) behind a rather refined mother with a posh English accent sitting beside her small girl - aged about three.

The child looked out towards the magnificence that is Edinburgh Castle, its craggy rock glistening in the sunshine, a host of golden daffodils fluttering and dancing on its lower slopes. "What's that?" she enquired.

"That's Edinburgh Castle," said the mum and launched into a short history lesson about it.

"No," said the child indignantly, "what's that?" She pointed at the window itself. "It's bird poo."

And it was.


  1. Ah, it takes a small child to deflate an earnest parent in seconds.....

  2. Maybe she didn't like it spoiling her lovely view?
    I hope to get to see that sight in person in a couple of months time.

  3. Which just goes to show even posh people have to deal with poo!

  4. You're a great listener -- you always have the most interesting encounters. Plus, it's good to know that birds are the same everywhere. ;-)

  5. Public transport is constantly interesting and entertaining.
    I am thinking of things Scottish as one of my sisters is heading to the UK on Friday and intends going to Scotland. I will tell her to be sure and visit the castle and hope that the daffodils and other flowers are still blooming.

  6. Hee hee. Adults always think children are more interested in castles than they are, poo of any kind is really much more fascinating.

    (I quite liked the big font as I mostly read on a titchy computer screen.)

  7. Always get down to basics before introducing the culture....

  8. Yay! A photo... Blogger must have decided to behave today.

    I always think my kids want to know more in answer to their questions. I'm too longwinded except when it comes to questions about sex and then it's "go ask your father."

  9. It's all about perspective.

  10. Hi Isabelle,
    Yes we hope to have time to visit Edingurgh while we are in UK.( from 23rd June and all July ) We would come up by train during the daytime so we can see the countryside. I will leave you a message on your blog much closer to the time, ( as exactly which days is not yet set in concrete. ) Maybe we could meet for coffee/ tea. R wants to visit the Falkirk wheel - is it worth the trip?
    Cheers Ali.

  11. You see, the Castle is and always will be there...but the poo? a novelty..

  12. I love the fact that in this world there is bird poop... and Edinburgh Castle. If there was no bird poop, how would we know how beautiful the castle is?