Wednesday, April 27, 2011

On wings of song

Just back from choir, where we're in the final stages of learning Rossini's Petite Messe Solonelle, which is wonderful but hard.

Our lovely conductor pulled us up at one point and sang (in his beautiful, resonant voice) the bit we'd just been singing, to show us how he wanted it. We then repeated it.

"That sounded like a different choir!" he said enthusiatically. We glowed. Then he murmured with a grin,"The one I'd rather be conducting..."


  1. I love that you sing Isabelle. That's my fondest memory of you -- the morning you were leaving, as you puttered around getting ready you were humming such a pretty song!

  2. That Rossini is difficult - I sang it a couple of years ago - but then it all falls into place and almost sings itself.

  3. A good conductor (and one with a sense of humor) really makes singing in a choir a great experience.

  4. How lovely...being in a choir must be heavenly. I tried it last year and gave up when it got hard...I do regret that.