Saturday, April 02, 2011

Busy doing thinking worrying

It's been a week of frantic activity and (not that interesting) events, which I don't have time to blog about because I must go and see my confused aunt in the home and take her new socks and underwear, all duly labelled. The cats have been doing some resting, however.

This amaryllis has been coming out.

And out. Look: two stems from the same bulb.

The garden is gradually becoming spring.
Though it needs more time spent on it than I have free at the moment.

Pretty flowers. Look at that blue!

And then a second amaryllis started blossoming.

Daughter 2 is home for the weekend and is nobly going to accompany me and the socks to visit my aunt. And Son and fiancée are arriving this afternoon to stay till tomorrow. Daughter 1 is coming down this afternoon to have a bridesmaid dress conversation. A pregnant bridesmaid* dress conversation. Daughter 1's baby is due in July. Daughter 2's wedding is in September. I myself feel that this conversation is not before time.

And so the world rolls round.

* Clarification - the pregnant bridesmaid will no longer be pregnant by the wedding, but she is now, and will surely start to expand before long. So we need to get a dress very soon and hope that - though it won't fit in the next few months - it will be ok by September.


  1. Cats are so good like that, funny how we can vicariously enjoy their lazing around when we can't. without feeling any resentment.

    Hope it goes OK with confused aunt, are the socks labelled 'left' and 'right', or is she not quite that confused?

  2. Those bulbs re positively flaunting themselves. They are simply gorgeous. I recall the days when I had plenty of my bulbs in my rather large garden, and how joyful springtime was after our cold winter. Although not as cold as yours is.
    Good luck with your aunt, underwear, etcetera. All our stuff is now with Vinnies.

  3. You sure have a lot on your emotional plate, Dear Isabelle. Hopefully the cats and the beautiful flowers, maybe the approaching of spring in your garden, will lift spirits? I hope the dress conversations and visits go wonderfully, leaving you feeling renewed and refreshed. Sending you hugs!!

  4. thank you - i needed to see green again.

  5. Beautiful garden and flowers!

    Am slightly confused as to the pregnant bridesmaid issue, because if the baby is due in July and the wedding is in September, won't the bridesmaid no longer be pregnant?

  6. You sound as though you're juggling a few plates at the moment! Still, as you say, it's spring, and that helps.

  7. Isabelle I am happy to do any jobs you give me in the garden!

  8. Anonymous12:21 am

    Good luck with the dress decision... there might be some consideration given to weather she will be nursing/pumping that day and how to do it in a formal dress. Been there, done that.. nothing like trying to nurse by lifting a large taffeta dress up and over the babe...

    Sounds like lots of lovely company though!

  9. Your spring is several weeks ahead of ours. I found a few first crocus blooms open today. What a thrill!
    AND...(drumroll) 4 year old 'other' Hellebore is finally blooming! I now know what color it is after all these years :)
    How lovely to see all your colour and that green lawn. Your hyacinths are indeed a beautiful blue!!!
    And oh my, those Amaryllis - so lovely. I have a couple budding up.
    Sounds like you'll have a wonderful weekend with the kids home...bridesmaid's dress conversation and all. Good luck with that.
    I'm sure your confused aunt will enjoy seeing you and daughter 2, plus having new socks and underwear :)
    Take a little time to emulate the cat ;)

  10. Good to see the cats are shouldering the onerous responsibility of resting and lazing about when you cannot. Very public spirited of them.